There is no way for anyone to deliver or reside in Plan B without skillful use of the entropy extraction toolbox. As entropy buildup is relentless, entropy extraction is a daily chore. The Second Law is not a barrier but a constraint to getting anything worthwhile done.

The second law of thermodynamics, the most secure of all natural law, incessantly increases disorder in any material system, like us. If you don’t extract entropy out of your particular system, as allowed by the 2nd  Law, you’re toast. The 2nd Law can neither be escaped nor defied. You can learn how to live with entropy without going bonkers.

It is true that organizational cultural factors do inhibit effective change. To implement a new culture, we require the support of the type of culture that we have been able to specify but have so far been unable to create.

A key criterion for effective cultural change is to change behavior. But if the changes are to persist, we must identify the most fundamental causes of the behavior. They are:

The theories-in-use human beings hold about effective learning.

The defensive reasoning mind-sets that they use to design and execute their actions

The organizational defensive routines that reward anti-learning, self-sealing processes

The ways in which we are all causally responsible for creating these counterproductive features.

Our skilled unawareness and skilled incompetence, which prevent us from producing the changes that we can identify but cannot produce in sustainable ways. Chris Argyris (2004)


Socialization handles the 2nd Law by ignoring it. Society does not want to acknowledge the supremacy of natural law in human affairs since the ruling class can’t imagine playing second fiddle to anything.

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