The Fix Begins

Choosing your way of life is an inalienable right. You have the right to live and the liberty to make a fool of yourself. In the pursuit of happiness you must be free to choose what’s good for you by weeding out the wrong. The first step in the process of overwriting Plan A with Plan B is angst blowdown. Angst consumes, wastes, the internal energy it takes to make it to Plan B.

The psychological health fix for the solo MitM is settled business. It is the first milestone in the FLLP. Since the MitM has no social status to defend, he is open to evidence and reason. He responds well to the matter-of-fact approach to his angst. He understands ecosystem law and the clandestine entryway to his subconscious mind is received as fitting with his experience. Knowledge of the mechanisms of action, especially the bait ball, is frequently enough to vent his angst tank, yelling “Ho Lee Schmidt” in the process.

Experience has shown that the MitM with the wits to attain psychological health will straightaway attend to his physical health on his own. In fact improved physical health is often used by the MitM to signal his psychological health. The subconscious mind connects the two healths on autopilot.

If you want some control over your world, your way of life, cognitive effort must be invested. It is associated with making and implementing right choices based upon knowledge of cause and effect of the particulars. Plain and simple, in an unjust system you cannot reach and maintain your happy way of life without cognitive and physical health. Plan B is a just social system.

Unintended consequences in motion.


False mental models of reality to be displaced with truth. Giveups include:

  • Obedience to Authority (OTA), involuntary
  • Authority infallibility
    • Rules infallibility
    • Groupthink infallibility
  • Illicit zero sum
  • Fear-mongered bait ball participation
  • Chain of command, top down, consumers to producers
  • Choice-making by intuition
  • Social status authority equals social power
  • Exchange your IR for herd “security,” bait ball giveup
  • Entitled authoritarians are functionally responsible for collective prosperity

Health requisites

  • Understand how unhealthy, psychological and physical, got into your life
  • Learn how to block causes of unhealth. Replace false assumptions with viable concepts. Socialization put them in. You can displace them with true concepts.
  • Learn the limitations of the subconscious mind as autopilot on way of life
  • Learn how to influence subconscious mind choice-making
  • Promote veto power over Brainiac as conscious mind habit


Exactly like the bait ball.

For the case of transmuting between Plan A and Plan B, resilient psychological health comes slightly before physical health. Reality one is that everyone involved in Plan A enters the process as psychologically-damaged goods. While it is possible and popular to reduce emotional stress by standalone physical and chemical means, the effects are always fleeting. Returning to the toxic social context of Plan A quickly raises angst to pre-exercise levels. You’ve been there.

A step improvement in psychological health is essential to release your internal energy supply that was commandeered by the authorities, without your knowledge or your consent. No available internal energy, no Plan B.  That’s why the first milestone is angst blowdown. Psychological health comes with self-confidence from skill with the methods that successfully deal with the operational reality, the vicissitudes of life. The bait ball cannot solve problems.

You always have control of your efforts. Your subconscious puts imperatives on your teleprompter display but your conscious mind has absolute veto power. Brave insolence. Over the years of subconscious triage, we have learned that the subconscious mind adjusts to the fact it can’t get away with centisecond choice-making.  The result is fewer really bad choices on the teleprompter.  We don’t take this supposition as fact.

Brainiac has no social intelligence and never will. It had millennia to show humanity what it had and the record of carnage it created speaks for itself. How could anyone pass the social behavior of the globe off as intelligent? The bonanza of Plan B is simply the difference in applied social intelligence. The distinction between prosperity and self-annihilation is impossible for anyone to miss.

Fueling the A to B journey

The intuitive aversion to Plan B has many roots, each with an element of truth. One such aversion is cognitive overload. The brain consumes glucose as its energy supply for Plan B system think that is mountainous compared to Plan A. Glucose consumption rates are a direct measure of applied intelligence.

The brain needs glucose in order to perform its basic functions, as well as the higher-order executive functions, such as making decisions, focusing, or doing mental calculations. Since glucose can’t get there directly, glucose from blood enters the brain by a transport protein. Glucose is the primary energy substrate of the brain. Glucose transport protein (GLUT-1) is highly enriched in brain capillary endothelial cells. These transporters carry glucose molecules through the blood brain barrier.

Since the brain lacks fuel stores, it requires a continuous supply of glucose. It consumes about 120 g daily, which corresponds to an energy input of about 420 kcal (1760 kJ), accounting for some 60% of the utilization of glucose by the whole body in the resting state. The brain uses up more glucose during challenging mental tasks. At its most severe, insufficient glucose flow to the brain can cause confusion, seizures, and loss of consciousness. It’s an excuse we often use to explain our aberrant behavior – to no avail.

Studies show that dips in glucose availability in the brain can have a negative impact on attention, memory and learning, and that administering glucose can enhance these aspects of cognitive function. The more intelligent a person is, the more energy his brain consumes. The energy stores in the brain are extremely small when compared with its high rate of glucose consumption. That is why, exactly, FLLP episodes are limited to two hours and episodes are spaced a month apart to allow time for the keystone to test the Plan B concepts he picked up at the previous episode on his crew.


  • To an aristocrat, happiness is an agreeable sensation arising from contemplating the misery of another.
  • In government, intelligence is so highly honored it is rewarded by exemption from the cares of office.
  • Censure before evidence, ready-fire-aim
  • The present is that part of the flow of time dividing the domain of reality from the realm of hope.


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