This page “Implementation” covers the trip between milestone two, attained, and reaching Milestone three. It is the section of the pilgrimage to Plan B where the restored MitM transfers the sociotechnology of Plan B as he has validated it by testing, to his staff of potential force multipliers. Efforts invested up to this point have been preamble.

The psychological switch between Plan A and Plan B is where the benefit package of the revenue crew gets fully realized and streaming. Even with the most inspired foremen, the workforce lags the enlightenment of its leader by a nominal two months. Since they are not MitMs, it takes some consistent experience with its born-again keystone to trust the new deal enough to commit to it themselves. While committing to Ca’ canny is instantaneous, switching to the instinct of workmanship takes whatever time it takes. This is where the fellowship of MitMs really pays off.

Social behavior is context-driven. Context shapes the choices you make and everyone else in your social system. Since context cannot exert two influences at the same time, understanding the context-action choice connection enables reliable predictions. Trustworthy foresight is the lubricant of Plan B prosperity.

In practical experience, when the majority of workers in one revenue crew makes the switch, the rest quickly follow suit. The way word gets around society today, when the first revenue crew takes the plunge, the other revenue crews represented in the FLLP will promptly do the same. This amazing cascade illustrates the power of fast-acting, positive reciprocity. This delightful condition means the scope of benefits of your enterprise continues to increase by itself. As it jumps between production departments in the organization, it jumps from the organization to the other organizations it interacts with. Positive reciprocity infects the workers family life, spreading about the community.

Experience shows that even regulatory agencies are favorably biased toward a Plan B organization. Transparency and desire for improvement stand in great contrast to the opacity and cover up they routinely encounter with Plan A organizations.

The unavoidable revenue-crew lag means that the streaming benefit package matures about 4 months after the start of the FLLP.



  • Spotlight on revenue crew
    • Milestones/project objectives
      • Milestone Three: workforce converts to Plan B
    • FLLP 3-6
    • Concepts and tools
    • Measure Plan A baseline
      • The ∆ chart parameters


It is of utmost significance that science finds nothing to say about the Franceschi Fitting (FF). The connector between wish (concept) and the tangible, operational reality is ignored as if it didn’t exist. While everyone knows it’s there, because stuff gets done, it remains undiscussable in the halls of science. Lifting this socially-conditioned blindspot reveals a great deal about social status and its retinue of class distinctions. It is why a MitM trusts another MitM.

It is the FF that makes the MitM a keystone of social system behavior. Only the keystone has the responsibility for the translation of ruling class delusions into tasks the workforce can do. To control social behavior by controlling the context of work is the source of MitM power. Since , for the MitM, things are already as bad as they can get, all MitMs are beyond the threat of social punishments for changing things . To contribute in Plan B, only truth and transparency work.

The magic in the transmutation to Plan B is the approach.  It is knowing where things must start and the sequence of milestones that must be attained. To people caged in Plan A, none of the necessaries are obvious. To keystones all the necessaries are obvious.

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