Health, gateway to happiness

Health is the foremost inalienable human right. No health, no life, no social intercourse. Elevating workforce health is the paramount goal of Plan B, our life’s purpose. Poor health can be a big factor in unhappiness.

The noun health as used in this website includes both psychological health and physical health. These two kinds of health, physiological and mental, are tightly coupled by the subconscious mind, the central controller of your endocrine system that neurologically and chemically connects the two healths together. The communication traffic between them flows both ways simultaneously, circulating in a loop.

From the Plan B perspective, there are four “audiences” for “health”

  1. MitM in FLLP, has interventionist
  2. MitM solo, has coach
  3. Producers, have veterans
  4. Entitleists, have each other


Clarification on site “audiences”

  1. Anyone entered in the FLLP (Front Line Leader Program) gets personal, customized guidance from the interventionist. These MitM-keystones have no need for other input, including this website. The FLLP hyper-learning context reaches the angst blowdown milestone in about a month. Everyone in the FLLP notices when the internal energy is released because angst flushes out all at once. Angst has no inertia.
  2. The MitM solo, a keystone not in the FLLP, will find considerable assistance on this website. While he has to start on his own motivation, he has access to Plan B veterans for coaching over the rough spots. It takes the solitary adventurer to Plan B whatever time it takes. Since it is all psychological, when blowdown occurs, everyone notices immediately. “Reading” other people is how you know you succeeded.
  3. The producers who are not MitM, can earn a health benefit package. Experience has established that knowing the what and why of dysfunctional social behavior releases a lot of anxiety. Even for those who can do nothing about the cause of their dilemma, knowledge of cause is effective self-protection from getting worse.
  4. The upper-hierarchy entitled consumers, by virtue of their role and preoccupation with social status by vested authority are in reality denial. Nothing can be done by reality-centered producers to help reduce the angst of the imposter syndrome. Without psychological health, it is impossible for anyone to get their act together, solve significant problems. It cannot be otherwise.


Prepare for hyperlearning

Experience has shown it’s best to acquire a mindset for the adventure that is committed to hyperlearning. The best concept for Plan B audiences, winnowed down to solo MitMs and the producers in their charge, is ecosystem.  The reason is practical. Context channels behavior.

Most people will accept that they, individually, are ecosystems. They will also accept that their various social systems are ecosystems as well. The scientific definition of ecosystem endorses this association.

An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in a particular area in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment, interacting as a coherent system. These biotic and abiotic components are entangled together through dynamic cycles and energy flows. Energy and material enters the system where natural law and humans play roles in the movement of the matter and energy through the system, excreting various high entropy matter as waste products that enter other low-entropy ecosystems as feedstock.

Significant scientific effort has established the “laws” that determine ecosystem health and dynamics. Most people and their media accept that Nature’s laws of ecosystem viability are valid and primary. After all, these laws are used to base arguments for deriding the terrible things humans are doing to planet earth.

While the laws of ecosystem viability work fine for our derivation of Plan B, we cannot avoid the irony that people do not accept that human social behavior is channeled by either natural law or by invariant human nature. You will hit the same tripwire when you tell others that human social behavior is shaped by the laws of ecology and context. That is, they will agree to the components of your argument but not the logical conclusion. Hold fast to that lesson. In this crazy business, you’ll encounter paradox often.

Get your baseline

If you are reading this because of your concerns about what Plan A has done to your health, get a foolproof baseline assessment. Bloodwork can put the general question of current health, psychological and physical, beyond dispute. Periodic bloodwork can track your progress and affirm when you have restored your health. As many Olympians found out, there are many chemicals in your blood that quantitatively measure dimensions of your physical and psychological wellness.

Why trust your judgment and opinions, given their track record, when you can have top-drawer evidence? It is your own health that is at stake.

The operational reality

Nature has arranged things so that every advance in a positive direction contains two components. There are some aspects where outside help can improve your goal-seeking performance. There are some fundamental aspects of positive change for which no assistance is possible. The inescapable changes you must make for yourself. Your primary tool is your absolute, conscious-mind veto power over the imperatives posted by your subconscious mind on the interface teleprompter.

The teleprompter in your cranium, run by your subconscious mind always makes task action choices first. Your conscious mind has veto power, but you have to use it.

What can’t be done for anyone:

  • Learn for them, hyper learning
  • Gain understanding how nature works the operational reality, cause and effect
  • Replacing false concepts with effective concepts
  • Think, gatekeep, triage
  • Make their choices prudent
  • Give them their inalienable rights

Be not concerned about the hurdles, obstacles, and barriers that block your path. You’re neither first nor alone. Your health is not beyond your control. Satisfy yourself early-on that your health goal is attainable and worthwhile. For that assurance, nothing beats veteran contact.

What can be provided:

  • Concepts, system think
  • Prior experience as reference
  • Tools
  • Practices and procedures proven effective
  • Opportunities to visit implementations

Keep in mind that the antidote to Plan A languishing, Plan B flourishing, exists. Refusing to follow up on that news, for any reason, does not controvert the Plan B process. POSIWD announces the individual has chosen to remain a Plan A captive. That’s his choice, not your failure to persuade. Poker face, disconnect and distance.


You are in control of your health, both psychological and physical. Everything positive in Plan B world begins with angst blowdown – step one of the fix for your psychological health. To shed your angst requires cognitive effort – study, contemplation, and testing. The good news is that if you can ax your angst, you have proven yourself fit for making the entire trip to Plan B.

The two steam jets emanating from the locomotive boiler blows down its “angst.”


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