Position Statements

While learning is our primary vocation, where open mindedness is a necessity, there are some iron principles learned from Plan B implementation experience for which compromise is impossible, our position inflexible. Any coercion to do otherwise is a stop rule. It is a condition of our professional license as the engineer of record to withdraw from a project destined to fail, and we are required to know beforehand when that is the case.

Project killers

  • Responsibility without autonomy
  • Autonomy without outcome responsibility. The CEO has autonomy and is not held responsible for the outcomes of his counterproductive management practices.
  • Attempting to defy a natural law or human nature
  • Meddling by authoritarians
  • Arbitrarily skipping steps in the GYAT sequence
  • Undiscussables



  • Status quo
  • Garbage in, correct answers out.
  • Cause in consequences
  • Social intelligence limitation
  • Trust by force
  • Creativity by force
  • Responsibility by force
  • Selective relief from natural law
  • Remote personalization
  • Infallibility, omnipotence
  • Zero risk
  • Trustworthy, prudent subconscious-mind imperatives


When goal-seeking performance is the principal measure, personality variations don’t matter. If goal-seeking performance doesn’t count towards social status, all individual differences matter. W. Livingston 2014

For the producer, there are two riddles blocking the way to a flourishing Plan B that must be answered to attain it.

  1. Technical- material, reality multiplicity, complexity, connectivity, covariance
  2. Psychological-entangled, socio-pathology, species bias genome

These impasses have little in common except the innate limitations of the brain. To solve one riddle provides no traction for solving the other. The dominion of the material barrier is natural law, mathematical physics. The sphere of the psychological barrier is human nature, our DNA.

Having been through the war, we have a hard position on each barrier. We are intolerant of positions and practices proven to be counterproductive 100% of the time. We have been punished by Nature for attempting to defy her ecosystem laws. While we welcome feedback of any sort, we don’t engage with hard-core consumers, seeing reality through a keyhole with both eyes.

Position on barrier multiplicity

Our stipulation on Plan B has been sealed by successful implementations using a battlefield-proven generic paradigm. The riddle of impasse one, material-reality multiplicity, has been solved. It had to be solved before the impasse two riddle could be identified. The hidden second barrier comes as an ambush carnivore.

The evidence for the claims is far more extraordinary than the windfall claims themselves. No effort will be made to explain, derive, or justify Plan B beyond the website galleries herein. Success features transparency and scrutable connectivity to natural law. Invitation to examine and evaluate active implementations completes our duty to Popper Plan B. Superior validation to hands-on, that the first riddle has been solved, is impossible. That’s why it’s incontrovertible (Popper).

The logic for validation by auditing implementations is simple. Any proof by other means, such as mathematical physics, can be denied with “Show me.” If it’s true, it’s materially demonstrable. In that regard, the concepts of Plan B can be demonstrated using your shop anywhere, anytime. Opinions have no traction with indifferent natural law. Consumers have no interest in learning natural laws.

Position on barrier socio-pathology

Since 2014, All efforts in our R&D have been focused on the psychological prime movers, the socio-pathology of Plan B rejection. This impasse to Plan B proliferation is, by far, the most complex riddle of all time. In the last year alone, over eight new dimensions to the barrier have been uncovered. While it’s always good to learn about the previously-unrecognized dimensions, the complexity of variable interactions makes for mind-blowing multi-dimensional complexity.

To wit. Does your depletion in brain glucose from protracted cognitive focus instruct your endocrine system to escalate the stress of fear? Does your migraine deaden your analytical skills? Are you having a “bad” day? There’s no end to the network of factors that impinge on the choice to go Plan B, or not. Experience proved that the only level that has no interest in social status is the workmaster keystone. All other levels are fixated on social status, engaging in counterfeit zero-sum competition for social status where the winners and losers are always the same.

For multi-dimensional riddles like the invisible social dysfunction network, the only procedure of building knowledge for this impasse is the process of elimination. It is easy to identify those “solutions” that repeatedly failed. It is harder to accept that all “solutions” offered by academia and marketing agencies, in the field have failed miserably. Nothing from the conventional playbook succeeds. Nothing.

Our position on riddle two is to leave it be. We work with the possible (producers) and avoid diluting our efforts chasing the impossible (entitlementers).

Our dismal record with impasse two, 1980-2020

  • 500 documented contacts with authors to build knowledge in their field. Zero response
  • 3,000 documented contacts with plan A headsheds for raising productivity. Zero response
  • 600 documented technical conference presentations (1970-2013) promoting better way. Zero response
  • 2,000 documented contacts with venture capitalists. Zero response
  • 250 documented contacts with tort lawyers. Negligible response.


The values that consumers use in choosing to reject Plan B, POSIWID, do not include:

  • Prudence, the keystone human virtue, tollbooth for all human virtue expression.
  • Prosperity
  • Health
  • Welfare
  • Ecological security
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Inalienable rights
    • The pursuit of happiness
    • Liberty
    • Life
  • Materiality, greed
  • Morality, benevolence
  • Legality
  • Security
  • Survival of the species


Non-negotiable Requirements of Plan B

  • No opinions, a priori
  • No losers
  • Inalienable rights
  • Choice-making by producers
  • A square deal
  • Transparency
  • Equal opportunity for psychological success

The requisites for Plan B

  1. Negotiating the opinion-free path of prudent choice-making
  2. Application of the social intelligence that enables the journey


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