The producer has free choice like everyone else.


For those who desire clarity and meaning in their social relationships – within a world and condition that offers neither – you’re home.



While he is prevented from bringing Plan B into the organization by his role, there is much the individual producer who is not a keystone can do to improve his health. Angst blowdown is milestone one.

As we reckon it, there are some compelling reasons for a solo producer to grasp, apply, and profit from the Plan B front end:

  1. He can understand the mechanisms of social psychosis that go on about him. Avoid the bait ball
  2. He can relieve his angst from the insecurity, get his psychological health together
  3. He can attain stellar positive control over his social relations, become socially intelligent
  4. He can realize the benefits of mutual trust
  5. He can recover his inalienable rights


There is no material reason for anyone to suffer angst infused by social relations. It’s 100% psychological. We have demonstrated that the cause of victim angst is the distortion of reality infused by social conditioning and a corrupt Establishment. While solo producers cannot change organizational dysfunction for the better, anyone can learn to avoid a psychological attachment to the system that causes their angst.  There is nothing to buy.

The skills of trust-building that power Plan B can be developed by anyone. The benefits of these competencies to improve your social life cannot be exaggerated. Trust-building skills pay off at work, at play, and at home. There is nothing to buy.

The prominent fact in sociotechnology is that nothing about social system behavior is sound-bite simple. Dealing with organizational dysfunction successfully takes cognitive effort and skills effective on complexity. While in the case at hand the successful fix requires no mathematical genius, it does require following the prescribed task sequence and a milestone map. Much of the process goes against the grain of hierarchical culture and social norms. That’s our excuse, exactly, why the fix took so long to work out.

Social behavior is a classic system dynamics affair. The piecemeal remedy to Plan A is doomed because of system laws, not human nature. Once a system disturbance is detected by the system, especially a good one, all the other parts of the system act to restore the original state. You have experienced that scene several times. That’s why the main push must be a frontal assault on health and getting you act together.

Once the fix is in place, new social norms displace the old ones and everything about Plan B suddenly becomes “obvious.” With the template for organizational prosperity in operation, streaming benefits and positive reciprocity reinforce the Plan B ideology. While Plan A always takes the organization to hell in the same way, the benefits of Plan B are predictable only in general terms. Every pathway to prosperity worked out by the workforce is unique.

The map of Plan B and its order of battle.

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