To flourish or languish

That is the Question

The largess of flourishing is progressive. You have to be enjoying the previous-level benefits you earned to attain the benefit package awaiting on the next level up. These windfalls appear spontaneously when the requirements have been met. They manifest out of thin air, from the “cloud” where, urged on by the Establishment, you previously and obediently parked them. Know that:

  • There is no article to buy, everything in play is psychological. No inertia
  • Veterans are always available to help you stay on track
  • The psychological processes that enabled authoritarianism work equally as well to bring prosperity

The windfall is delivered in six progressive benefit levels:

  1. Health, psychological and physical (Everyone)
  2. GYAT (Everyone)
  3. Plan B flourishing
  4. Positive reciprocity
  5. Competitive advantage
  6. Franchise of Plan B

Nature’s rationale

The rack that holds the awaiting benefits is forced into consecutive layers by the speed at which your subconscious mind, called Brainiac, makes task action choices for you to execute. In less than a centisecond, your standard-issue subconscious mind ranks the trustworthiness of others. This blinding speed prevents any sort of checking on the quality of its inputs (GIGO) and the logic used to arrive at the choice. The result is that choosing by intuition is inappropriate to the circumstances at hand far more often than random chance. Powerful Brainiac is loaded with an amalgam of junk information and biases, fueling GIGO. It is untrustworthy in the extreme, but dependably so.

Your subconscious. Powerful and untrustworthy. What a combination!

Nature’s operational reality, as you suspect, does not respond kindly to lies and other attempts to defy its laws. Throwing defiance at Nature has nothing to recommend it. She never overlooks an insult and punishes your audacity without remorse.

The design of the benefits rack is set by the requisite step-wise progression (flow) of Plan B attainment. It is kept honest by the speed of choice-making and the penalties for skipping a rung in the ladder. For example, if you don’t get the required internal energy supply liberated by angst blowdown, forget about getting your act together.

Do you really think you can be fooled by a person crippled with angst who cannot make prudent choices under any circumstances? Well, you can’t fool them either. They will instantly detect your calm togetherness and vent off to your lower pressure as much as they can. It costs you nothing and the fear-crippled person benefits greatly, automatically triggering his instinct of positive reciprocity – the psychological lubricant of a flourishing social system.

Your opportunity here in the factory showroom is to overview what has to take place and choose the benefit package you think you can reach, all things considered. It is a multidimensional trade-off exercise that only you can do for your situation. You are free to stop anytime, including before you start.

Everything in social behavior is psychological. There is no inertia to account for. Each of the six progressive benefit packages is obtained by a surge of hyperlearning. That hyper term calls for casting out the false mental models of reality that muddle your subconscious mind and replacing them with concepts that deliver their stated purpose. Each displacement is validated by performance in your operational reality.

While we can mentor, you design the concept tests for your situation and you perform them. You discuss your experience at the proving ground of life with Plan B veterans who have been through the process and are enjoying the streaming benefits. They are your on-call insurance policy against failure.

In this Plan B arena, there are no negotiated, compromise choices. With Nature, there is no room for an A/B amalgam. All A/B mixtures are unstable and fleeting. Fail to reach the next Plan B milestone and the default is plummeting back to where you ended the previous step. Attained benefit packages remain yours for life. The first two levels are for everyone. The levels 3-5 are for MitMs and covered in the MitM gallery.

Relevant subtopics for each level are connected by hyperlinks so you can expand your knowledge of social intelligence as you think best.

Hyperlearning always includes concept testing by you in your environment. The Plan B paradigm is absolutely generic, a quality that comes to all schemes based on the laws of Nature, a priori. When you go through the process of designing and executing tests, you build knowledge at high rates. Whatever tests you concoct, you know that a Plan B veteran has done the same before you and is available to help. He will not let you fail. Everyone needs a boost to get past the inflection point. Remember, everything involved in this exercise is mental, not physical. No inertia.



The compelling purpose

The first benefit package, psychological health, is relieving your stress and anxiety acquired from Plan A dysfunction and abuse. Since your supply of internal energy is finite, it is essential to make your forcibly-captured energy available for making the slog going forward to Plan B. Right now, your internal energy is being consumed with anxiety. This milestone “angst blowdown” cannot be bypassed. Yes, it takes cognitive effort to release this energy from captivity. No energy, no progress.


The angst-blowdown event has a long history. Languishing was first observed and documented as an effect by some engineers tasked to interview twenty thousand workers at the AT&T Hawthorne works in Cicero, IL in 1928 AD. The goal set for the interview program was to increase productivity and the standard interviewing practices at that time were getting nowhere. Engineers, being engineers in a clinical setting , began changing the interview approach by the process of elimination, trial and error. Their big advantage, having the standard process as benchmark, was that results of a test strategy were instant (no inertia). When they hit upon the winning formula, it was obvious to everyone. And that, exactly, is why the Hawthorne experiments in process productivity (1928-1937) were so fruitful.

Stress relief is entirely personal. No one can blowdown your accumulation of fear-driven angst for you. As an internal psychological process, it is organizationally neutral. No permission is needed and no one needs to be told of your goal. Angst blowdown is a hyperlearning exercise. To the individual concerned about his social status, there is no risk of social pushback from angst blowdown.

Human nature has endowed man with the ability to detect anxiety in others, instantly. Stone Age man used the competency to detect levels of aggression in large carnivores and neighboring tribes in less than a centisecond. You are subconsciously measuring angst levels in others all day every day. Motorists reveal angst levels in their driving style.

As no one drenched in anxiety can fool your subconscious-mind assessment, you cannot fool anyone sizing you up either. Besides, hormone blood work can settle anxiety-state questions by itself. To delude yourself into thinking you don’t have an angst-driven health deficit just makes your health deficits worse. You are constantly exposed to fear mongering by authoritarians, your government, and the media, social media in particular. This assault is very effective.

It is assumed herein that you are, by role and inclination, a producer. If you are an entitled consumer, getting rid of your angst is practically impossible. You are socially forbidden to engage anything about a-priori Plan B. The entitled consumers have no way to reduce their accumulating angst, especially when it reaches the imposter syndrome stage. As you may know, science says 70% of the population is plagued with this syndrome. Most of them are committed consumers.

Stuff to unlearn

Your crippling fear-driven anxiety is an end product of your social conditioning, a pack of lies that became part of your nature. Languishing never fails to trigger a cascade of consequences that block the path to Plan B.

There are several lies that fail you, socialized into your subconscious mind, that have to be displaced with the truth about reality that works. Included in the jetsam is the whopper lie that social authority equals positive social power. The giveup list is interesting but long and it is handled by hyperlinks.

Prominent principles

The inalienable right to blowdown your angst is foremost among your inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (prosperity). While these rights cannot be taken away from you, you gave them up some time ago in voluntary exchange for the promise of herd protection by the fear-mongering authorities, who turned out to be all hat, no cattle.

The angst blowdown process of Plan B is centered on acquiring the knowledge of its cause. Our results show that social anxiety comes from enduring the consequences of organizational dysfunction, knowing it is counterproductive to everyone, and being clueless as to its cause. If you don’t understand the mechanisms of action that produce angst, you don’t know what to expect next. The uncertainty is maddening – and quite unhealthy. You don’t yet see that the authoritarians who offer you herd protection are the very same fear-mongering potentates who intentionally amplify your insecurity. History has no larger example towards fear-mongering than what is going on now. You did know the tall hierarchy guarantees class warfare and corruption. Right?

As with the concepts to unlearn, the pack of relevant laws and principles is handled by hyperlinks.

Stuff to learn

What, for you as producer, is attainable (reality) that is not available to a consumer (reality denial).

You learn about the intrinsic social power of the producers. Consumers, deliberately ignorant of cause and effect (C/E) are not able to cope with the vicissitudes of the ever-changing operational reality. They are sitting ducks, future-defenseless. The world of opinions is detached from Nature. Producers have all sorts of positive social power no one can take away from them. Your security does not come from the empty promises of authority, but by your own performance.


In starting from scratch in the FLLP, angst blowdown comes by the end of the first month. In a running Plan B, new MitMs joining the organization obtain stress relief before the end of their first shift. You are always in control of your efforts.

The time it will take for you to vent off your angst as a solo effort cannot be predicted. If you choose to be coached over the rough spots by a veteran, the time will be cut in half.

Benefit package contents

The health benefit package includes physical and psychological health benefits. Regaining control over your health is announced by releases of your happy hormones and big cutbacks on your stress hormones, such as cortisol. The improvements in your health are not subtle. Yes, the folks at home appreciate your attainment. As you release pent-up energy you automatically become proactive with your physical health.

A side benefit of Plan B is a 50% reduction in personnel accidents and errors. While the 50% drop in losses is recorded in all implementations of “Plan B,” we can only guess about the actual connection embedded in the unknowable subconscious mind that is behind this. We did not predict this monster side benefit before we measured it in Plan B’s maiden implementation (2013).  We didn’t know then that angst and safety were covariant.  The authoritarians hate the tight connection exposed by Plan B because it spotlights their long-standing contempt for workforce health and safety. Is it challenging to imagine the potentates refusing to go Plan B because it rockets workforce health? You can demonstrate this ubiquitous choice for yourself anytime. It’s surprisingly easy.


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