Every social system is but a network of entangled subconscious minds. Nothing more.

Under the Coverups

You have reached the “man-in-the-middle” website. Now that you’re here, facing the brute reality of organizational behavior, like the man in the middle, should you have come?

Before the Eastern European (E2) war on Feb. 24, 2022 began, this opening website page started the knowledge transfer about the social behavior of a tall hierarchy. However, the advent of the E2 war provided validation of the central theme of our life’s work so massive, vivid and incontrovertible, it took priority. Months later, the ongoing war  still validates the great value of learning about social dynamics in the operational reality. Since its benefit to the global population is now beyond dispute, it was both fortunate and prudent for you to arrive here.

You have an opportunity provided here to make a quantum leap in your understanding of and competence with what is going on in this crazy, increasingly dysfunctional world of humans and earn some dignity for yourself in the process. In view of the opportunity of the ongoing E2 performance on the world stage, we decided it was best to start with proof positive of the fix to social system malfunction that was developed. Business as usual, the universal reference standard, our Stone Age ideology, was labelled Plan A by Douglas Engelbart in 1965.

Understanding the dynamics of tall hierarchies of humans, as provided on this website, helps you see that the difference between the two possible stable human social systems, one a languishing autocracy, corrupt (Plan A, a nobrainer) and the other, a flourishing collaboration, producer of surplus (Plan B, cognitively-effortful), is determining who will eventually win the E2 war. The two possible social system ideologies are in a Yin/Yang relationship, opposite and complementary, both stable. One disintegrates with time, as all status quo efforts must, while Plan B innovation gets better with time as the mark of a thriving society learning from its experience and thinking ahead.

Notice from media accounts of the war the absence of any credit whatsoever to the defender’s Plan B ideology. It’s all and only about the logistical reasons the Plan A invader is losing the war. The Establishments of the world and their media lackeys cannot conceive of a social system ideology apart from business as usual, no less recognize it when Plan B is in their face. In a Plan B society, everyone is in on the ideology and it is attractive to others (positive reciprocity).

Fundamentals towards understanding social behavior, discussed in depth elsewhere on this site, include hostility:

  1. Two flourishing social systems have no reason to go to war with anybody. On the contrary, they are in positive reciprocity mode, mutually benefiting from trusting relationship efficiency. They are low-viscosity, resilient organizations confident in their ability to cope with the arriving future.
  2. Two corrupt social systems always have plenty or reasons to go to war with each other, even though doing so means mutual destruction with huge losses on both sides. The payoff to the victor, if any, is a tiny fraction of his cost for conducting the war. Both exhibit inappropriate operations. This disregard of the welfare of their constituents means that conquest has higher value to the rulers than their people.
  3. Any war between an autocratic Plan A nation and a mobilized Plan B nation can only be won by the Plan B military, appropriately equipped to conduct Plan B warfare as defenders. That is, the Plan B military system cannot lose against a top-down command and control Plan A military no matter how large it is. The ratio of soldiers lost in direct combat between Plan A military and Plan B military invaders averages about seven to one. Since Plan B wages war at night as it does in daytime, the losses to Plan A military grow around the clock.


He didn’t die for his country. He died for his government.


Plan A, bureaucratic top-down command and control, establishes physical command centers, supply depots, airports, hospitals, maintenance shops and large assemblages of soldiers and equipment. In contrast, Plan B military places command and control with autonomy and unrestricted tactical decision making authority with small mobile teams at the front. These squads are at liberty to engage the enemy when, how, and as they see fit. Thanks to Elon Musk, videos taken of their performance are uploaded to central records all day every day. Plan A invaders, with no concentrations of defenders to attack, soon learn they only have stationary civilian targets to shoot at. Their destruction of a high-rise condo makes the news but it doesn’t win wars.

In an incredible happenstance, mentioned above, this ongoing war between two Nations, (E2), one classical Plan A, weighing in at 146M population and the other classical Plan B with 42M population, is exhibiting the sociotechnology we have developed working with dysfunctional industry. We had the necessary and sufficient organizational dynamics knowledge in hand and implementation experience, placed on this website since 2018, long before the E2 conflict began. What we did not have was real-world operational validation that the Plan B military was in fact functioning to Plan B specifications. Reality checks take priority.

By February 28, 2022, four days of operationalized combat performance was sufficient ground-truth evidence for us to declare the Plan B military functional and we posted and dated the prediction of Plan B military victory over classic Plan A military on this page in full confidence on that day. Months later, unprecedented quantities of video evidence of the B-A performance advantage places the matter beyond dispute. Every day, as Plan A forces and weaponry are exterminated, Plan B forces increase in numbers, morale, and lethality. While Plan A national morale is below zero and sinking, Plan B personnel, empowered, self-directed, self-confident, and with low turnover, get more creative and productive every day in ways to eradicate more of the plan A invaders, called ORCS (Tolkien Hobbit). It’s not the Javelin’s technology alone that’s deciding who wins, it’s the organization’s operational ideology. You won’t find it covered on the media. This built-in ruling-class blind spot is the reason, exactly, why Plan A can never win a war with a Plan B nation.

When you have been flattened by failure, you can get up again. A man flattened by rule-based conformity stays down for good.

Personal anti-aircraft missile launcher.
Contact! Another ORC Box obliterated.

What is now on world stage for all to see is the end of Plan A vs Plan A – conventional warfare, conducted by networked bureaucracies. Whenever Plan A invades a Plan B military operating without the high bureaucratic viscosity, Plan A loses to Plan B. The certainty is not established by opinion or war experience but by mathematical physics, control theory in particular. Plan A nations will not learn the lessons of E2 for a long time, if ever, preferring to go extinct than abandon their high-viscosity autocracy and inept rule-based bureaucracies, thoroughly corrupt.

Now that the distinguishing differences between Plan A and Plan B are being exhibited in real time, we are obliged to forecast trajectories so you can monitor Plan B veracity in service. Validating an ideology cannot be done in hindsight. It is the future the ideology predicts that serves as a measuring benchmark (Popper) of Plan B efficacy. Note the popular 1945 prediction that the atomic bomb would end warfare did not pan out. Yes, for survival of our species, social system ideology is more powerful than atomic bombs.

It’s well understood as common sense that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Since this website is replete with extraordinary claims, it is prudent indeed to examine the extraordinary evidence, now being displayed world-wide at the scale of warfare between two major nations. It’s important to understand that the Plan B sociotechnology, which we developed for tall hierarchical organizations, apart from military application, is exactly the same ideology now on display for the E2 war. There is only one mathematical physics and it allows only one sort of stable Plan B as it allows only one sort of Plan A, a product of our invariant human nature, Stone-Age vintage.

In this dated, published forecast, we are, in effect, patenting the Plan B  sociotechnical ideology, being the first to publish its formation from Plan A material, the A>B transposition process, and its benefits to the population. We predict it will be a long time before another “discovers” the paramount importance of social system ideology, sociotechnology, and applies for recognition. While a few have already mentioned the impact of E2 on changing how war will be conducted in the future, they are clueless about the essential mechanisms of social action in play. The lessons of the David and Goliath confrontation did not migrate either. Dealing successfully with that psychological sinkhole is critical to survival of our species.

Our predictions

  • The lag between the advance of technology and the bureaucratic adaptation to that technology will increase.
  • The progressive extinction of conventional warfare has begun. High time.
    • The military/industrial complex will diminish in size and political influence.
  • When the military of a nation goes Plan B, the Establishment will change itself to accommodate Plan B. It has no choice. That brings extra benefits of its own to its society in general, which are ordinarily never considered. High time.
  • Nations that go Plan B will flourish. With workforce dignity restored, class distinctions will erode.

Having empowered mobile defenders dispersed in small groups over large geographical areas equipped with portable means to take out armored vehicles on land, air, and sea, as well as invading troops in trenches (drones) – day and night, the cost/benefit analysis of sophisticated battle systems becomes lop-sided. One attack helicopter costs you $50M to field and one $38K Stinger takes it out of action. Keep doing the math on tanks, battleships, long-range missiles, and supersonic fighter jets. Everyone in a tank or helicopter gets killed. No Plan B combatant gets injured because, after launching his weapon, he immediately moves intact to the next battle area before Plan A military can respond to his previous location.

Personal anti-tank rocket launcher. He’s a half-mile away. How does an army stop him?

Since any nation can defend itself quite well with a Plan B military, what is the justification for stealth bombers? Of what value is the armada of warships against an enemy arrayed in tiny bits scattered over thousands of square miles and continuously on the move? A squadron of supersonic fighter jets? Cruise missiles? A MOAB? A top-down military that can only lose a war to a Plan B military a third its size?

While the USA military/industrial complex will fight any reduction in massive weapon systems for Plan A warfare, the infantry will be clamoring ever stronger for advanced Plan B gear and battlefront autonomy. The foot soldier has found out he doesn’t have to die for his country to defend it from invaders. The Establishment will discount the infantry, of course, but GI Joe will get his new Plan B role one way or another.

One big weapon system to keep is the nuclear submarine fleet. It provides the ultimate deterrent to nuclear attack. Still, the defense budget can be cut in half and the effectiveness of national defense doubled.

An ORC Box kill zone created by individual soldiers acting autonomously. Plan B has zero casualties.

Perfect correlation

As mentioned above, there is only one Plan B operating manual. Indifferent natural law supports the Plan B ideology exactly as it does for Plan A. Ideologies perform on mathematical physics, not opinions, and they are generic because nature’s laws are universal and necessarily indifferent. The military version of Plan B is the same as its industrial version, which is why both win competitions against Plan A offenses. We have shown by many implementations and demonstrations that it is as invariant as the human nature it is based on. We instantly recognized E2 for what it was because of our experience bringing Plan B in to displace dysfunctional Plan A ideology aligned 100%.

This grand-scale E2 experiment/example has also shown that the mass of credentialed experts, including the State Dept., the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, etc.,  are clueless about the sociotechnology of human hierarchies. Plan B in E2 gives them catatonia, not enlightenment. Having only Plan A vs Plan A experience, their hindsight-based commentaries have given them away. Nobody, anywhere in the think tanks, politics, media or academia worldwide has seen E2 from the sociotechnology perspective as marking the beginning of the end of conventional warfare. Ignoring reality, they still recommend that little Plan B should give in to big Plan A.

Predicting the exact timetable of enlightenment and transformation is impossible. Every nation will be different, of course, with Finland’s military already in conversion to the Plan B ideology. Taiwan is getting a clear example why it should win over China if it invades. The Taiwanese are paying rapt attention. Meanwhile, the E2 war will not be over until the Plan B nation says it’s over.

Supersonic fighter jet meets Stinger. Plan B casualties zero.

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