Every social system is but a network of entangled subconscious minds.

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Central theme: Since the kind of life you live is your free choice, why not choose to be happy?

Choosing Happiness

This page introduces and frames our lifelong quest to reach and maintain a state of psychological contentment, psychological health, psychological success, all three.

Born free, like you, we grew up in a society composed of people who were always happy with their lot and those who were not. Through our formative years, we learned it didn’t matter if the people were poor or rich or anything else. All classes, all cultures featured these opposites in personal deportment. Flourishing social systems are happy, languishing social systems are not. It’s never the other way around.

Early on, we wondered how people were arriving at these highly disparate mental states within the same group culture. As every collective of society contains both kinds of mental states, we concluded it came from personal choice. If that observation is true, it raises the question: what motivates an individual to willfully choose to be unhappy, as so many do? What are the roles of social conditioning and social norms in this choice?

The psychological states of happiness and unhappiness are effects of process, the task actions you choose. They are measurable states of mind. Science has been researching this psychological phenomena for centuries. From the abundance of knowledge gathered about these diametrically opposite attitudes, what did science learn about causation? If social science had done its job and worked from its library on effects back upstream to their causes, why are so many people choosing to be unhappy?

Since sociology didn’t derive the top down causal cascade from its knowledge of effects this dereliction of duty (cause) alone explains everything about the imprudent behavior of hierarchical society today. We surmised there has to be a motivator regarding social standing that ranks higher in priority than personal health and happiness. Everything in and about this state of affairs in social behavior is psychological.

There are no permissions to obtain. Social behavior has no mass, no inertia to overcome. There is nothing to buy. It is a wireless entanglement of unknowable subconscious minds. Have fun storming the castle.

We conclude, for now, that social norms dictated by the ruling class are the coercive force of the choice to forego happiness. Since it’s plain this apex incentive didn’t ride in on our invariant genome, because it never manifested in Stone Age society, it had to arrive by Establishment-orchestrated social conditioning. Remember “Do as you’re told!?” “Curiosity killed the cat?” Behave or the boogie man will get you?

This website fills in many of the particulars in our quest to determine the causation of organizational dysfunction.

Breaking Silence

Field explorations with operating social systems regarding the social-mind blindspot, super-significant to everyone’s way of life, are nonstop. Our curiosity about an anomaly concerning the most important functionality to Homo sapiens existence, began the quest: ‘How does context influence the choice of task actions?’

It didn’t take long to affirm that the paramount knowledge and skill set for engineering a healthy, successful way of human life is routinely sabotaged by the Establishment, with the full cooperation of its socialized victims. This self-defeating process is on display everywhere, right now. Just look.

Because of its significance to mankind’s health, welfare, and survival, breaking silence on this menace to society takes top billing. You will soon realize this breakthrough in attaining happiness on purpose is for you. Before 2013, you and your hierarchy didn’t have a choice.

Happiness is a free choice.

Announcing what has been achieved

Since 2013, the capability to take a hierarchical social system languishing in dysfunction and transpose it, as-is, into a flourishing, self-sustaining, futureproof collective.


An essential functionality crippled by the social blindspot is cause and effect; in particular your knowledge and your skill in its application to the various new challenges in the operational reality. As prudence is the mother of all human virtues, practical knowledge of cause and effect in the operational reality is the mother of all prudent choice-making, all successful problem-solving. Current news will supply you with endless examples of governments mandating changes, intentionally clueless and deliberately ignorant about the cascade of effects those changes will set in motion. Their reaction to the unforeseen consequences they caused? Covering up and blaming others in an endless escalation of challenge and response. It is doubling down on failure. Just check the news.

Blindspots that conceal survival-important truth about maintaining ecosystem viability routinely bring ecosystems to extinction – while a tunnel-visioned mankind watches. None of this psychological mischief aligns with Darwinian survival of our species. Can you think of any functionality you exercise that is more significant to your wellbeing than your grasp of cause and effect in the world you live in and your place in the vast universe? It’s the only way to be futureproof.

How does anyone discover a blindspot in the individual human mind, whose express purpose is for your conscious mind to not recognize it? Using our experience in the thankless process of elimination as guide, it takes uninfected, curious individuals noticing anomalies in behavior, e.g., The Emperor’s Clothes (Hans Christian Anderson), Toto in the Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum) and breaking the silence on the undiscussables. Unlike adults, silence breaking by a boy and silence breaking by a dog does not register as cultural disobedience. We are very choosy about the social conditions in which we will break silence. This website is one of them.

Fear of the Wizard gathers the intrepid four into a bait ball.
Toto to the rescue. Awareness of the cause of their fear. Relief.


The flood of dire consequences the blindspot of cause and effect, C/E, helps deliver to mankind includes erasing any evidence that the flourishing life can exist. The calamity released by social dysfunction has a cause, of course, and today the cause of this menace can be neutralized. While prevailing over the travesty will always be a work in progress, to be sure, its significance to reaching a flourishing life is far too large to withhold the knowledge so far developed. This website exists because the antidote for the dysfunctional hierarchy is in hand and you can audition that claim on before-and-after implementations.

Don’t worry about “getting it.” When the silence-breaking on this menace sinks in, and it will, you will reflexively yell “Ho Lee Schmidt!” That’s how your subconscious mind announces the step change in your mental health to your conscious mind. You will feel the relief as well.

What are mental blindspots?

To psychoanalysis, blindspot refers to the defense put up against recognizing truth about repressed knowledge which threaten the person. “The blind spot is a defense mechanism which prevents the recognition of truth that would bring anxiety.” Blind spots, processed through your subconscious mind, cripple your ability to distinguish right from wrong.

Psychological blindspots are engineered to purpose. They are not happenstance. True enough, Nature endows you with a physical blind spot in the back of each eye where the optic cable carries light receptor data to your brain. You have a slew of unconscious blindspots other than your optical illusions. You have your auditory illusions, your tactile illusions, and your taste illusions ostensibly engineered into your genome for your survival-worthiness in Stone Age conditions. Nature also genetically endowed you with unbounded curiosity, your salvation from any failure of Nature-implanted illusions to resolve perils in the immediate occasion.

Society “leadership” learned ages ago how to infuse blindspots about reality. Local folklore and dogma about the creation of the universe, as an example, can pass from generation to generation for thousands of years intact.

Discovery of this blindspot menace came about because we cracked the colossal, never-before-solved challenge of transposing a languishing, progressively-degrading  social system (Plan A) into a flourishing one (Plan B) and then became curious about the aggressive, hostile organizational pushback for doing so. As you will see, your functionalities sabotaged by the Establishment, i.e., made undiscussable by the authorities, are the catalysts essential for a healthy and psychologically-satisfying futureproof life.

What is rendered undiscussable?

This blindspot conceals the reality that:

  • Your inalienable rights have been taken away
  • You have been bludgeoned into mindless obedience to authority
  • Your curiosity has been locked to “idle”
  • You have been depersonalized and herded into a baitball configuration
  • Your knowledge of cause and effect has been restricted to low-significance matters, always “digging down” to effects, “getting under” the data, never working upstream towards primary causes
  • Methods for locating the primary cause of organizational dysfunction have been made undiscussable as well
  • There are successful social relationships, such as the master/apprentice schema
  • There is a fix (Plan B) for organizational dysfunction, Plan A


To name a few.

What’s within its scope?

Crippled functionalities

  • Curiosity
  • Creativity
  • Making prudent choices of task action
  • Distinguishing right from wrong
  • Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Selecting
  • Communications
  • Research
  • Design
  • System control
  • Education
  • Operations, producing
  • Adult learning
  • Maintaining
  • Problem solving
  • Innovation
  • Responsibility


To name a few.

Impaired disciplines

  • Science
  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Adult learning
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Governance
  • Law
  • Scholarship


To name a few.

The socialized blindspot in the individuals of society covers the crucial matter of change. Prudent change, a daily necessity for happiness, depends upon sufficient knowledge of cause and effect (C/E) and the skills of its application to foresight the operational reality. In these chaotic times of global social unrest, that can be a tall order. As daily news informs you, crisis management, damage control, hindsight, is not a fix for primary causation. Blaming failure on others does not solve the problem. It just reveals the consequences of shortsightedness and the lack of authentic outcome responsibility.

As mentioned above, curiosity about cause and effect are central to the process of problem-solving, discovery, and innovation – foresightedness. Anyone pushing against your curiosity about C/E is intentionally hiding something important from you. He fears discovery as the perpetrator of some crime (the imposter syndrome). C/E competency is key to understanding what’s going on, what is being thrown at you, and why you are languishing chuck full of cognitive dissonance and insecurity.

Can you think of any mental function more important to your way of life than making prudent choices about allocating your efforts? Can you think of anything more essential to prudent choice-making than trustworthy knowledge about cause and effects in the operational reality of your environment? Can you think of any skill more important to your wellbeing than applying trustworthy C/E knowledge to improve your goal-seeking batting average? What do you think your chances are of making prudent choices based upon garbage information processed by your notoriously-untrustworthy intuition?

The ultimate goal of this challenge to happiness is to become futureproof. In all of human history there has never been a higher need. The level of anxiety and depression in the population today is unprecedented. There are some aids.

Multiplicity math

  1. There are infinite ∞ ways to make matters worse (fast), including doing nothing
  2. There are few, maybe only one, paths to make things better (slow)
  3. The chance that the right path will be selected by your infamous intuition are: few/∞ = zero

How do you find the path that leads to happy?

  1. Learn from history what “solutions” didn’t work. Avoid them.
  2. Implement the tedious process of elimination to find primary cause (unknown) from failed candidate fix knowledge. Your guesswork improves with experience.

Handicaps in social transactions

  • Suppressed curiosity, initiative and creativity
  • Defective, insufficient C/E knowledge
  • Insufficient C/E knowledge implementation skills
  • Obedient to (infallible) authority
  • Groupthink
  • Fearful of their future

To personalize the transaction you have to know about the problem-solving performance record of the person. Break silence and see how he reacts. Then, you can set realistic expectations. When management kills curiosity, C/E knowledge and application skills as part of its depersonalization regimen, it forms a workforce baitball for it to engulf and devour in one stroke. Giving up on C/E means blending in to the herd, following its groupthink. That marks the end of any chance for trust-building, for meaningful cooperation, and for collaboration. The popularity of the baitball scenario attests to the invariance of human nature.

How can you trust someone short on C/E who is more interested in gaining social status by authority than competency in production? How can you gatekeep your subconscious mind imperatives without C/E knowledge? Depending on your intuition (subconscious) to make prudent choices is abdication of your responsibility to yourself and your social systems. The subconscious mind, because of its high speed of action, cannot distinguish right from wrong. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your subconscious mind and you’ll put your intuition into a holding pattern. This website is loaded with information on your GIGO-infected subconscious mind.

Curiosity is essential to go from effects towards primary cause. As soon as you nail the primary cause you will find you overlooked some important effects. Goal-seeking entails having the specification of the effect you want and searching for causes you can apply to the system that will “make it so.” Plan on lots of system testing before you release your fix. Foresight takes protracted cognitive effort. Hindsight is a nobrainer.

The ladder of logic to happiness is straightforward. For millennia, prudency has been called the mother of all virtues. That is, don’t claim to have any virtue before you know how to be prudent. There can be no prudency without competence in cause and effect and foresightedness. Independence is the recognition of the fact that yours is the responsibility of prudence and nothing can help you escape it. There can be no C/E competency without curiosity about causation of the wreckage heap. Yes, it’s a lot of strenuous cognitive effort and the need is incessant.

Everyone on the planet is socially conditioned the same:

  • Obey authority (number five in the Ten Commandments, Exodus 20:12 NIV)
  • Curiosity killed the cat
  • Don’t rock the boat, change things
  • It doesn’t matter what you think/create
    • Don’t think for yourself
  • Don’t discuss the undiscussables
  • Your life is to sacrifice for others

If the person you’re dealing with is short on C/E knowledge, Warfield’s Dictum steps in: “Don’t ask them to do what they can’t.”

Perpetrators of the scam on humanity

The only way to be certain about primary cause is through the tedious, thankless process of elimination. Once you reflect that Stone Age society had no central government, your attention will eventually be directed up the inferential staircase to the many tall hierarchies installed by the industrial revolution. When you identify with what is concealed, you can consider candidate beneficiaries, POSIWID.

The perpetrator of cause can’t be the producing classes, the workers. As you know, first hand, they suffer directly from the consequences of organizational dysfunction, OD. When you add in the fact that, no matter what, the difference in authorized wealth between the ruling class and the working class always increases over time, you hit the causal bullseye – the head shed of the tall hierarchy – the entitled class of conspicuous consumption. It has no need of C/E knowledge to keep constituents in fear, the driver of entitlement.

To validate your conclusion, you observe what the authoritarians do as authorities and especially what they can’t do. What they can do is subordinate the working class by domination, abuse and threats of punishments. What they can’t do is bring prosperity to the organization they mistakenly believe they control. They are brimming with menace.

After a little reflection on these tidbits, you will arrive at your first Ho Lee Schmidt moment. It’s not you! It’s the entitled consumers! And, now your conscious mind knows what your subconscious mind has known all along.

Savor the occasion because, in going towards Plan B, you will experience many more refreshing moments of silence-breaking awareness, about 60 at last count, and they’re all on this website.

Your choice

Choosing compliance to social norms puts you on a slippery slope to oblivion with the others. It’s just like insects attracted by nectar crawling on a pitcher plant. Society wants you to take the path of least social resistance, follow your intuition. When you do, you’re on the path of progressive degeneration. A reinforcement cycle begins, you pass the point of no return, and in you go.

IBM’s Thomas J. Watson, Sr. advised his staff, a century ago: “Save the wear and tear on your mind. Just follow the rules.”

If saving wear and tear on your mind is on your mind, you will choose to go with the flow of groupthink. Soon you will realize that turning off your conscious mind marked the end of your “pursuit of happiness.” This cycle of mindless compliance is on display all day every day.

You don’t seek knowledge of C/E because you don’t need intelligence to receive whatever you want from the producing class. The price of entitled consumerism includes falling behind in learning how the world works and watching your problem-solving skills wither away. When you no longer produce, you become dependent on holding fast to your entitlements to consume production, based wholly upon the opinion of others, something far outside of your direct control. You are captive to Plan A.

When you commit to be a producer, you have direct control over your performance. The better you perform for yourself and society, the more social power you automatically accumulate to get positive things done. This is also a self-reinforcing cycle.

You’re already on step one, gaining cognizance about the existence, scope and functionality of the blindspot, deliberately implanted by fear-mongering social media. Contemplate on what has been banned from your consciousness by society leadership through  its control of your socialization and your angst pressure will drop by itself.

Validating the scope of this scam is ridiculously easy. Just break silence to another human and observe his reaction. Notice that he discusses the undiscussability of the topic before he says anything about the topic itself.

Obediently accommodating the undiscussables commits you to a languishing, unhealthy lifestyle. Having chosen to value “identity” over performance, the choice prevents you from knowing that you are fully equipped as-is to flourish. Producing the languishing state of social affairs in their subjects is an ancient goal of the ruling class, not a fluke of fate. You can interview veterans of the transposition process, of course. Their psychological success can be your success.

As mentioned earlier, you gain awareness by testing out the silence-breaking matter in your own world. Find evidence to falsify our claims (Popper). Quietly ask others about their curiosity and knowledge regarding cause and effect of, e.g., social unrest. Inspect the definitions of Cause/Effect in the main dictionaries.

It’s not you. It’s others, like Silicon Valley, who have learned how to take advantage of the blindspot and enslave your subconscious mind to its will. The Establishment’s entitled consumers use fear to continue getting supplied sustenance from the producers, even while they have hammered the producers’ self-image  down to an inferior class of humans, thoroughly depersonalized and impoverished. All it takes to depressurize your angst is awareness of the menace itself. Forewarned is forearmed.

When you become cognizant of the blindspot scam already in place and that it can’t change itself for the better, you will understand the cause of the progressive degeneration in society, front-page news. Without intelligent intervention, silence breaking, informed prudent choice-making, there is no hope.

When you become conversant with the contents and implications of this menace to happiness, individual blindspot by individual blindspot, having validated it for yourself by observation and testing, remind yourself that there is a fix. If not for the fix, the paramount menace to human society would have remained undetected.  When Plan B was in hand, theoretically and practically, we thought businessmen would flock to the flourishing organizations and see for themselves. After all, the number one, sure-fire rejection we encountered during our long careers in innovation was: “Come back to us when you’ve got it working in application.” At the time, we thought it was a logical stance.

Like you, we were taught that “show me” was the paramount deciding factor for head-shed buy in. We never suspected that “show me” was a deliberate lie even in Missouri, the “show me” state. Who wants to know their languishing condition is their own responsibility, the consequences of their ill-informed choices?

Since validating Plan B in 2013, we have personally offered in situ Plan B visits to 50,000 individuals. Not one accepted the “show me” invitation. You can use this same tactic to learn about your audience too. We’ll back up your bluff.

Once you appreciate the scope and sweep of the monster blindspot, you have a free choice to make that otherwise would not be available to you. It is the nature of languishing/flourishing phenomena that amalgams are impossible. Almost making it to flourishing, leaves you stuck at languishing. Alloys of flourishing and languishing are highly unstable and brief. You are free to choose one or the other. You need permission from no one.

Through silence-breaking, available nowhere else, you have been given an opportunity to make a free choice about the arc of your narrative, a choice between the languishing or the flourishing life. If you choose to remain tethered to business as usual, as many do, you are already there. Your efforts will continue to be consumed in dealing with the streaming consequences of unchecked authoritarianism. It’s the nobrainer path of least organizational resistance, automatically chosen by your subconscious mind.

If you commit to flourish, the website is a bonanza. You get to learn much more about Plan A and the attainable state of Plan B. Finally, the website details the generic process by which Plan A languishing is transposed to Plan B flourishing. Best of all, you have a standing invitation to examine and evaluate the generic process for yourself, on-site, cheek by jowl with the beneficiaries. It’s a hell of a life-changing experience.

As you climb up the cause/effect inferential staircase and increase your awareness of what’s going and why, you will notice your anxiety about organizational dysfunction abates. You are gaining control of your health and welfare. This depressurization releases otherwise tied-up internal energy and gives you options of allocating your efforts to more worthwhile pursuits. Restoring your curiosity is always the first move. It is a prelude to reenergizing your inalienable rights that the ruling class required you to forego as a condition of employment.

The wealth of practical knowledge about flourishing posted on this website, including the roots of happiness, about improving your way of life through applied social intelligence, is our legacy to society. In this fascinating new arena there is no waiting to receive payoffs and there is nothing to buy.

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