Every social system is but a neural network of entangled subconscious minds.

Whether by plan or accident, you have landed in the showroom of the social-intelligence windfall benefit-package factory. While the original and sole purpose of the factory was to aid the man in the middle, the title of this website, it turned out in application that the first tier benefits to the man in the middle, as well as being substantial, are universally and unconditionally accessible to anyone. Attaining and leveraging social intelligence is the central theme of the website.

Why is authentic social intelligence a bonanza? The reason is that current “culture” is an exact replica of the Stone Age original and, in today’s context, counterproductive to well being. Anyone who thinks otherwise, has not been paying attention to the raging dysfunctions of a global society out of synch with reality. Accordingly, when someone who does have social intelligence enters the scene, what he brings to the painful affair is indistinguishable from magic.

To simplify your understanding the concept of this development in social intelligence, it will help to sort the human population you know by two world views: 1) that of the producer of prosperity, one who produces more than he consumes, and 2) that of the consumer of the producer’s excess production, one who produces less than what he consumes. If you’re not one, you’re the other. Producers view the subject matter of this website quite differently than consumers.

For this adventure, a ‘Man In The Middle’ (MitM) is defined as the individual producer who is abused by upper hierarchy consumers for substandard performance, thus deserving of the flogging he gets. Should the same individual producer deliver higher performance than “standard,” the product of his good choices for using his efforts to produce, the entitled authoritarians regard him as a threat to their social status as vested, omnipotent, infallibles. And that, dear visitor, is the mark of the man in the middle.

Social Behavior and Your Way of Life

Producers are encouraged to feast on and benefit from this extraordinarily-valuable knowledge about social behavior. You can learn how to leverage social intelligence to large and lasting personal advantage to your way of life in whatever is your operational reality. As its “secrets” were mined where no man had gone before, far above the politically-correct level of discourse, you will find large windfall benefits streaming to you and your social systems. Best of all, you get to enjoy its largess every day.

When the man-in-the-middle (MitM) system breakthrough, to deliberately and unfailingly deliver social system prosperity, finally came in 2013, after 55 years of failures, we reckoned the body of knowledge developed to backstop the success, called Plan B, had nothing to offer anyone but MitMs. Eight years of  implementation experience with the paradigm that delivered, informed our minds otherwise. The field-proven knowledge herein, put to work, can bring more health, security and prosperity to the personal and social life of any producer. Social system productivity can’t be increased without boosting the social intelligence of its keystones first.

Everything about social behavior is psychological. That means you already have all you’ll ever need to advance towards the bonanza benefit packages of Plan B. The catch? Reaching the benefit packages involves cognitive effort. While deliberate thinking is natural enough, it is not like the automatic subconscious-mind reflexive computer sitting between your ears. “How do I know what I think before I hear what I say?”

And on the eighth day, God said “Murphy, take over”

Starting right

The principle of Nature that rules this precise moment is Her Law of Optimality. Tethered to the law of optimal control, it instructs that if you don’t start your goal-seeking “right,” at the beginning, you create new obstacles for yourself that will defeat your enterprise. Preoccupied with crisis management, you will run out of time and resources before the problem gets solved, Hofstadter’s Law. You are your choices, even if you’re clueless as to how your powerhouse subconscious mind makes them for you.

Our painful experiences colliding with the optimality law formed our operating mantra:

Keep it in ‘park’ for a bit. You have to do something else first. Once you have missed the first button hole, you’ll never manage to button up.

Every adult enters the arena of social intercourse as psychologically-damaged goods, neurotic or worse. You were enculturated with false mental models of reality (M2R) that now thwart your journey to a much better way of life. You were conditioned to disregard your senses, don’t think for yourself, and obey authority. This infused belief system holds that Plan A, good old reliable business as usual, is all there is, all that can be. Don’t bother looking for a better paradigm of social living for today because it can’t exist. Even science fiction writers can’t imagine another kind of social system than Plan A. For proof, look at all the failed “utopias.” None succeeded.

The dominant contagion of Plan A, fear-driven uncertainty, enters your being by hijacking cells in your sensory systems that have access to your brain, fear burrows through millions of networked neurons to the subconscious mind, which also controls the autonomic nervous system and the bodily functions of respiration, heart rate, and digestion. Through this portal, protracted fear wreaks havoc with your health, psychological and physical, though your subconscious mind-controlled endocrine system.


No matter how you look at it, it’s Plan A in action. Rob Schouten, Whidbey Island, WA

Victims of protracted fear feel the effects before they can recognize them: shortness of breath, a rapid heartbeat, blood sugar rush, and muscle contractions that mimic a punch to the gut. This constellation of symptoms is known as the stress response and it is an expression of our invariant human nature.

The stress response is commonplace. Fear mongering works because it is especially contagious, often the root of mass hysteria outbreaks. A quarter of the people seeing a person in distress who is experiencing a spike in cortisol, also exhibit a spike in cortisol. The way we emphasize with others is the mirroring of our body reaction to that of others. Entangled commiseration fans the flames of misery. Social media has made fear-mongering of the population into a cost-effective science for hijacking minds, making them rich in the process.

Because fear is an exhibit of aggression, it grabs hold instantly. Control theory, a natural law, shows that the contagion of benevolence is many times slower than that of aggression. While converting benevolence plus action into trust can take weeks, an act of betrayal demolishes trust in less than a centisecond. Everyone has been betrayed and zoomed through the same lightning-fast emotional reactions. This reflex is the handiwork of your Stone-Age subconscious mind.

Your life trajectory attests to the impediments posed by Plan A, business as usual. Now, you can experience Plan B for yourself, validating that Plan B exists and delivers. Then, you can freely choose to benchmark your choice-making on Plan B principles rather than continue complying with the fear-mongering menace of Plan A authoritarianism. The purpose of the website is not to splint and bandage the ugly consequences of organizational dysfunction (OD). Its purpose is to inform you that a Plan B alternative way of life exists. It is a generic, a priori paradigm of social functioning which dependably generates good-outcome choices, and it is attainable by anyone.

There are three attainable cumulative benefit packages

  1. Health, psychological and physical
  2. Having your act together, prudence
  3. The grand prize of Plan B

The first two packages are within reach of anyone. The grand prize, and it is grand, is attainable only by the keystone on behalf of himself. Through his continued efforts, benefits stream to all others in his revenue crew.

Navigation to the benefit packages

With only Plan A experience and its history to guide you, navigating to the fix for Plan A dysfunction, namely Plan B, is impossible. You must have, as reference, what done looks like so you can know when you have reached your destination.  False notions of organizational dysfunction and what done looks like led us down blind alleys and cul-de-sacs for 55 years straight. Our crowning life achievement is blazing the trail from Plan A to Plan B, sparing legions of producers the anguish of perpetual blind drift, searching for a goal that, as far as we ever knew, didn’t even have to exist.

Everything about displacing the Plan A menace with a flourishing Plan B is attainable, demonstrably attainable. Taking part will revise your notions about what is or is not possible for you to achieve in your pursuit of happiness.

Keystone species

The Man in the Middle (MitM) is keystone species of the ecosystem of ecosystems that comprise global society. He is the linchpin, gateway, and hero of organizational flourishing. He has the only “big picture seat” an organization can have. For social system benefit, our secondary goal, rendered attainable only by reaching the first, the achievement reflects his essential role in bringing anything positive into the organization.

Comprising about 8% of hierarchical society, the keystone echelon, as workmasters, occupies the catbird seat of collaborative productivity and competitive advantage. By performance as a savvy producer, he earns the social system power to do good things for his collective, things those consumers vested with high authority by the opinion of others can only dream about. Foremen know, first hand, that granted authority to be a consumer does not exchange with the currency of positive social power, which in any case has to be earned by performance in order to exist. No authority can be vested as the keystone of positive social change by opinion.

Why all the social dysfunction?

Global society, a massive ecological system, is mired in dysfunction simply because the human genome we were all born with installs instincts for social living in our subconscious mind that evolved over a million years for the survival of our species in the hunter/gatherer Stone Age environment. The industrial age has ushered in a class-differentiated, hierarchical social culture around the globe where these invariant subconscious imperatives coded in our Stone-Age genes bring about the downfall of civilizations.

In short, the no-brainer way to live successfully in Stone Age society is a Hobson’s Choice, still coded in our DNA today, that when applied to the operation of tall hierarchies, fails its Darwinian purpose. Rely on subconscious-mind intuition, auto-pilot,  to make your task-action choices and the consequences of the bad choices that result will dominate your way of life. You have no energy left to do what it takes to make good choices, be prudent. Deliberately making good choices, a priori, takes significant and protracted intellectual effort – exactly what society discourages you from engaging.

You live in a social environment that is functionally disintegrating because of persistent attempts to defy two “Natures,” Natural laws and human Nature – neither of which can be defied. Since no one can thrive in a failing ecological system, fly by the seat of your pants in this fogbound madness and you will crash with a “controlled flight into terrain” (CFIT in FAA-speak). Don’t expect natural selection to save your offspring. Genome evolutionary adaptation rates, small and sporadic, are measured in millennia. These computer-driven-society days, civilizations change surface culture in a few years. No relief from human species extinction by Nature there.

This enormous mismatch in choice-making, between what you need to do to flourish today and what you actually choose to do, is ubiquitous. We now know we can use our conscious minds, plus the cognitive effort and social intelligence it takes, to establish a way of social life engineered for today’s reality such that any society can flourish. It’s adaptability to the operational reality that defines Plan B, not compliance to the fixed rules of infallibility and groupthink.

First operationalized and validated in 2013, the contrast between dysfunctional (nobrainer) and aligned (effortful) functioning, having tons of supporting evidence, is breath-taking conspicuous. As mentioned above, orchestrating a thriving social system can now be done using a generic process that is transparent and open for examination. You are invited to visit live implementations and evaluate this “miracle” of social intelligence first hand for yourself. The differences in social dynamics between dysfunctional business as usual and a flourishing, producing Plan B operation are not subtle. Its positive reciprocity display is the most beautiful social behavior on planet earth.

Barn-raising day for the Amish is all Plan B.

The cognitive effort required to assure that our species thrives in the arriving future is substantially more than what the nobrainer way of tribal life required to be happily secure. It is nature’s joke on authoritarianism that the energy to prosper, before the fact, is far less than the efforts actually expended by them as consumers to deal with the consequences of their ill-informed choices. What you encounter in everyday life are social systems preoccupied with repairing damages they inflicted on themselves. Know a happy tall hierarchy? One?

The more you explore the psychological factors of great significance to our species survival, the less support you will encounter. When you finally reach the mother lode of social intelligence, the holy grail of explicit understanding about social dynamics, its praxeology, you will only see the backs of fleeing men. W.L. Livingston (1986)

The generic process that transmutes Plan A to Plan B delivers six streaming benefit packages in progression, referred to as flow:

  1. Health
  2. GYAT
  3. Plan B MitM’s unit revenue crew
  4. FLLP
  5. Plan B MitM workforces
  6. Competitive advantage and franchise

The first two benefit packages are obtainable by anyone, consumer or producer, anywhere, anytime. The next four benefit packages are only obtainable for the men in the middle and their producers, covered in this website. All benefits received by consumers are indirect, second order.

Each completed step forward towards Plan B, following a standard of care, is rewarded with a benefits package. The next page in this opening salvo of pages is for choosing your strategic benefit-package goal. Everyone starts with health. The streaming benefit packages are cumulative and for life. In order to receive the second windfall, GYAT, you had to secure the benefit package of health.

The GYAT (got your act together) objective is heavy on adult hyperlearning and takes considerable cognitive effort. It has its own gallery of pages. When you are perceived as having GYAT, a reflexive determination made by the subconscious mind of everyone around you, their social status opinions of you will change. The producers will gather around smiling while the entitlementers will scurry away. Beautiful and automatic.


The platform of Plan B development is Nature:

  • Natural law, mathematical physics
  • Human nature, invariant genome

Since empirical evidence of Plan A, a posteriori,  was not navigationally effective, our ridiculous stumble towards Plan B windfalls involved extensive dynamic simulation of hierarchical social behavior, based on control theory (Starkermann). Human nature includes its many biases, foibles, and significant limitations. Hierarchical behavior is governed by Nature’s laws and applies to all ecosystems. Since human society is a composite of ecosystems, its functioning is directly comparable to other ecosystems which have received far more scientific attention regarding their dynamics.

The data and mathematical physics produced by the environmental sciences are a glove fit to the trophic human social hierarchy. Examples are provided.

Producers hold the power for prosperity. Consumers with authority can influence system stability.
The power of the head shed is three orders of magnitude below that of the workforce.

All trophic ecosystems deal with the operational reality by processing material and energy subject to channeling by the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics and the conservation laws. The distribution of mass and energy has the producing levels holding the great bulk of the material and energy of the entire ecosystem. The conspicuous consuming levels of the trophic hierarchy serve as system stabilizers. You have to be comfortable with control theory to appreciate the mathematical physics behind that one.

Even the learning system is novel

A supercharged learning experience, namely hyperlearning, is featured on this website. Ron Prichard had to engineer the method of hyperlearning because all the standard teaching systems were failing his MitM group seeking to get to Plan B. It took years before his endlessly-revised methodology for adult learning hit paydirt in 2013 . You will notice the distinctions by the techniques not used to drive you to reach the benefit packages.

The path to the benefit packages is not provided as a check list of tasks for the MitM to accomplish. The path is marked by a series of tasks that have to get done, and why, leaving the rest of the choices up to you. There is nothing to buy.


Site Map

For everyone, anyone:

  1. Windfall world
  2. Health
  3. GYAT

For MitMs:

  1. Keystone of Plan B
  2. Armamentarium
  3. Publications

For Interventionists

  1. Reference and journal library

At this time, the website is undergoing major updating.  July 15 is the target completion date of the website overhaul. The reason is that ongoing Plan B implementations, as experiments, are producing so much new knowledge.

For consumers, those who live in a world apart from producing in the operational reality, interaction between producers and consumers is detrimental to both. Entitlementers, in refusing to learn about reality, resent attempts to introduce hard evidence to their activity. It’s a lose-lose proposition no matter how you look at it.  If there is a Holy Grail for authoritarians, we shall never know it. Meanwhile, its produce or get out of the way.

The fact of Plan B, promises made, promises kept, is incontrovertible.



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