For anyone interested in explicit learning about social behavior and the road to Plan B from hard copy, there are some trinkets from earlier days of the struggle that you can acquire just for the asking.

Postage Paid


1986 The New Plague – the first publication. Designed as a test for the ubiquity of Plan A

The Board Meeting

1988 Have Fun at Work – the second publication testing for workforce awareness of Plan A. It came with a bumper sticker, also available.

Every chapter is silence-breaking.

1990 Friends in High Places – the third publication to test for understanding the sociotechnology

Silence breaking about the Plan A hierarchy


2010 Design for Prevention – A comprehensive handbook for system freaks covering the 2010 knowledge base

The 2010 compendium of our sociotechnical knowledge was the prelude to 2013’s success with Plan B. It was an operation blended with a hefty dose of luck. A decade later finds it still valid, but the knowledge from Plan B as reference has added many dimensions.

Design for Prevention for Dummies

2012 update to the 2010 compendium. D4P4D

Using intelligence amplification to preempt disturbances otherwise coming in the arriving future. Having fun at work.


1989 “The Universal Scenario” of big, complex projects. Thousands of these 2’ x 3’ posters made it around the world. We maintain a collection of their in situ photos provided by their owners and expect you to add to the collection when your poster is hung.

Depicts the sequence of events from ready, fire, aim to the ocean of woe and recycle. They never learn causes from consequences. Move valid today than ever.


1992-1997 “Short Circuit” – a periodical of articles written by comrades on a wide variety of sociotechnical subjects.

Short circuit was written by MitMs for MitMs.

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