While GYAT will always be a royal PITA, nothing boosts your way of life better when you get there.


Compelling purpose

Getting your act together (GYAT) is not for sissies. That is why the individual producer attempting the feat is provided ready access to a Plan B veteran as coach and insurance policy. He will not let you fail. The upper-hierarchy consumers have no potential to get their act together as prosperity producers. They are not positioned to deal with the operational reality even if they wanted to.

Relevant background knowledge

While getting past the inflection point on reaching GYAT is a royal PITA, its benefit package is personally rewarding in many ways. When the individual MitM has his act together he is beautifully positioned to advance his crew to Plan B.

The reason GYAT is so critical to Plan B success is simple. It is the first evaluation made by the subconscious mind of other people in contact. In less than a centisecond, your subconscious mind (human nature) has already decided about fitness for trust. No trust, no progress.

It is impossible to fake your GYAT score by others. While how the subconscious decides is unknowable, science says it reads several dozen indicators. You can hide your performance record for a while but you can’t hide your ongoing performance. Imposters soon expose themselves (POSIWID). People that do not have their act together do not even know how good choices come about.

When you do reach GYAT, you will know it by the changes you notice in how others relate to you. You have added competency to your relaxed security and self-confidence about life is an attractor. Who doesn’t want to work with people that have their act together? When you’re with people who don’t have their act together, who can relax?

For the MitM, the path to Plan B is now open to you and within reach.

Stuff in your socialized subconscious mind to be unlearned

You were socialized specifically to not Get Your Act Together, to be dependent on consumer-bound authoritarians for what you consume.


Prominent principles and laws


  • Control theory and its derivatives
  • The conservation laws
  • The laws of your subconscious mind
  • Network theory
  • Complexity theory
  • Communication theory (Shannon)
  • Ecosystem laws
    • Connectance
  • The invariance of human nature
    • Limitations of the subconscious mind


Stuff to learn

Getting your act together is foremost learning how to make good choices as a producer. No one can say you’re unintelligent when your choices turn out to be good ones. No one can say you have your act together when most of your choices turn out to be clunkers. Yes, GYAT, intelligence, and prudence are the same thing. Imperfect choices are normal. The top priority of choice-making is to prevent making really-bad choices.

To avoid overwhelming you about the check list for GYAT before you get started, it’s presented on a separate page.

GYAT designation requires a multi-disciplined knowledge and skill set. You are so used to developing knowledge that when a novel disturbance arrives, you get busy learning its discipline. You only have to learn mathematical physics once, however, as its applications show up in every goal-seeking activity.


Everyone trying to get his act together works on a different schedule. Most MitMs enter the program as competent performance-oriented individuals, jacks of many trades. The FLLP members are keen on improving their problem-solving act to best possible. The typical case has the MitM making GYAT grade by the beginning of Season two. There is always plenty to test and customize. At some point the FLLP group will spontaneously up the standards for GYAT designation. GYAT is fully subject to the 2nd Law and consequently, improvement must be continuous.

What’s in the benefit package

The GYAT benefit package is enormous. Getting your act together opens up more doors than you can count. Everyone instantly picks up on your serenity and justified self-confidence. The good people, all producers, will find you for collaboration. The bad people, consumers, will be repelled. Thus, GYAT attracts the productive people and repels the parasites for you on automatic.

For MitMs GYAT is your launch pad to bring your revenue crew to Plan B. You set the example for them to emulate. You are their facilitator and coach. Together you will boost productivity by at least 25% and be happy doing it.

Unlisted showroom benefit

Embedded in the showroom exercise is a significant benefit for those who who choose not to participate. By refusing to seek the health benefits of angst elimination, all questions about your way of life going forward are answered. In that one intuitive choice, all doubt about your fate and utility to humankind has been resolved for everyone, yourself included. Retaining your angst tells everyone everything they need to know about ranking your trustworthiness. From this visit forward you will always know exactly why your way of life turned out like it did. The effects were already in the cause. No one can get your act together for you.

The next three pages in this gallery cover the benefit package at the end of the line:

  1. The topmost extraordinary benefits package
  2. The extraordinary evidence of its legitimacy
  3. The process by which you start from wherever you are in Plan A and get to self-sustaining mode in Plan B.

For MitM choice-making and navigation it is essential to have an idea of the maximum attainable windfall, what done done looks like after the FLLP. While you are not expected to understand all the benefits or the hyperlearning process involved, you are always obliged to examine the evidence.

The rest of the pages in this orientation gallery overview the ultimate benefit package of Plan B. This is what the “done” of the paradigm looks like. It is attaining and sustaining this goal that makes all the time and effort, fifty years worth, worth it. While the entitlementers are aggressively uninterested in what producers can attain, the producer folks engaged with the operational reality are always eager to embrace the best available practices for problem-solving effectiveness. Producers are only loyal to the best methods for coping with the vicissitudes of life. Nature herself is indifferent.

The Cheshire Mother-Nature Cat just laughs at the entitlementers.

Cause and effect

This was the year of discovery of the serious lack of knowledge of cause and effect and the neglect of the skills of applying the knowledge to the operational reality. This domain is central to almost every activity in life and takes precedent in intelligence and prudency. It explains much about what is going on today and why.


Remarks from an interventionist

If you look in libraries or books stores, one of the larger sections is on self-help.  In perusing the titles ones is left with the impression that the paths to success are many and varied.  One can start any where and find a way forward by nearly any means you want, so claim the many authors.  In reality, the path to success is narrow, winding and with many twists and turns.  It is a difficult journey, and one must be careful along the way, as it is easy to be derailed or to fall off.

Think of failure as a giant funnel.  You can cross into trouble from any point on the rim, and doing nothing will get you to the bottom, while most efforts will only accelerate your journey to the bottom.

Social intelligence starts with, and requires, that you maintain a firm grip upon reality.  Mother Nature is neutral towards us humans, meaning that if we recognize and respect the laws, we have a chance. To disregard or ignore the laws is to take the short route to disaster.  Natural law does not respond to whim or will and is not to be trifled with. Thus, truth, by which we mean having as clear, precise, and genuine a view of reality as our perceptions or perspective will permit, is a requisite without peer.

Truth, this objective view of reality is a necessary precondition to one’s mental health, It is always good to have your brain working in top condition, regardless of what you are endeavoring to accomplish. And you cannot meet that hurdle without providing reality/truth as the input.   Garbage in equals garbage out, or good in enables getting good out.  If you feed yourself as much truth as you can, your mental health will thrive, anything less will necessarily have a deleterious effect upon your functioning.  Deception, distortion, fantasy, or any of their related misperceptions are a fast way to damage yourself. Truth has to be as really real as possible, within our capacity as humans to discern it.

Now, we as individuals have neither the time nor resources to arrive at truth in all things all the time by ourselves. Consequently, we must rely upon others to either provide us with it or to help us “hammer it out” through interactions.  We must recognize that every person we meet has the potential to provide us with input and perspectives we wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Thus, we need to have the ability to speak openly and freely with people, in order to discern what we know, what might be incorrect, what might be absent and where else we might seek truth. We must presume that, until proven otherwise, the other party might know something which we do not that might be of value to us and can only be obtained through a free discussion. Thus, free speech is a requisite to thinking, discussing, and attempting to arrive at objective truth.

Open mindedness precludes learning from people who are ideologues. As a consequence, of holding firmly to an ideology, a person signals that not only are they unwilling to engage in free speech, they also posses a closed mind. Regardless of where on the political spectrum one proceeds with an ideology, the demons which reside with the adherents and the ideology itself are speaking, not the individual. People confer upon themselves and the other adherents of ideology an authority which exceeds that of those who disagree with their ideology.

Any ideology, with its rules and requirements, by virtue of what makes it an ideology, with its explanation for everything and dismissal of any competing ideology, sets itself on a collision course with reality from the moment it is elaborated.  The 2nd law, the Zeus Law of all natural laws, which eventually demolish the inflexibility of an ideology and its intolerance of any alternative point of view will accelerate its demise. Adherents of ideology not only do not have a sense of humor (which requires the ability to look closely and irreverently upon reality), but they refuse to engage in free speech or permit anyone who disagrees with them to do so either. Ideologues are tyrants and authoritarians who do not simply throttle free and open discussions, but they punish any who attempt to do so, who espouse alternative views, or who simply refuse to accept the rigid ideology being foisted upon them. Their claims of infallibility for their ideology – which they believe it is entitled to proclaim, since the ideology explains everything that happens it the world (or so say they) -are easily demonstrated to be false, which only leads to more shrill cries of heresy and the need to punish those denying the ideology. Those who reside in this realm do not only deny reality – and with it any hope of having a life worth living – but they are dangerous to themselves and a total menace to the society in which they reside.

Recognize that, as a consequence of the supremacy of the 2nd law, the world, the solar system, and all aspects of the universe, are in an ever-changing state of dynamic activity.  Thus, one of the most fundamental aspects of acceptance of reality, including understanding the supreme impact of the 2nd Law, is that the only thing that can be done is to continue to learn about reality and make wise choices in adapting to it.  To do otherwise is to invite ones earlier than necessary demise.

Next, we know that in order to have a discussion, in which both parties are legitimately free to raise, examine and define ideas, both (or all) parties to the discussion must have and retain open minds.  This means being a bit skeptical, but willing to consider things which challenge our existing mental concepts and structures. This means that open mindedness is a precondition to the conduct of free speech.

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