Franceschi Fitting: Abstraction to Implementation

This page elaborates on the Franceschi Fitting, the connector anchored in delusion and abstraction on one end and welded to the material operational reality on the other.

Joseph Mario Franceschi was not the first human to be acutely aware of the highly creative process that starts off as a wish and ends up as Khufu’s pyramid, pharaoh’s chariot to the afterlife. Jens Rasmussen publicized the four layers of the wish hierarchy in 1976:

  1. Prime Functionality, vision, wish
  2. Generalized functions in fulfillment
  3. Physical functions
  4. System tangibles

Without a specification of what “done” looks like, no AI has a chance to make the connections. While going from the vision to generalized functions involves creativity, it usually has a precedent or two. Most wishes are based on stuff that has already happened.

Going from generalized functions to physical functions takes creativity in the extreme, heroic creativity and intelligence.  This step cannot be taught.

The critical role of the Franceschi Fitting




Joseph Mario Franceschi, PhD, Developer of the Rules for the Franceschi Fitting (FF)

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