Breaking Silence on the Ruling Class

Working above the mentor line, it’s not long before the Big Lie, the elephant in the room, comes into sharp focus. The lie is so huge it passes by unnoticed and undiscussed down below when the consequences manifest. Forming that monster blindspot in the masses, like the emperor has no clothes fable, begins with social conditioning. You are taught obedience to authority, the infallibility and omnipotence of collective leadership. You learn that the emulation of peers assures membership and safety in the herd. When the herd decides to ignore the emperor’s condition, you ignore what your senses are directly reporting to you as well.

Security in the herd depends on the circumstances. In tall hierarchies, it is the head shed that infuses the fear that draws the scattered masses back to herd central. This cycle soon escalates insecurity into social destabilization. It is the Big Lie at work.

The Biggest Big Lie about the ruling class is that its indisputable social authority corresponds to its social power. They are independent variables, not covariant. Those who do have high social power need no authority to retain it. Those who have high authority cannot function to benefit their subordinates or their communities. Everyone in on the scam, everyone in the deep state, is at least one step short of being honorable men.

The Big Lie gambit worked long before modern times.

Social authority is acquired by opinion and vote. You can buy it, but you can’t earn it. People chasing after authority status promise prosperity to all, if elected. Upon entering office the authority finds out, sooner or later, that he only has the legally-enforced power to punish the people who voted for him.

To deliver punishment requires no knowledge, no skills, no effort. Anyone can man the whip, as-is. Any doubt about this is erased with POSIWID.  Watch what authoritarians do and watch the social prosperity meter. The actions taken by authorities speak for themselves in the meter readings.

The fact there are no exceptions to this condition indicates that natural law is stacking the cards. Even omnipotence cannot reconcile contradictions. What else but attempts to defy mathematical physics could be in play?

While other natural laws are involved in the powerlessness of high authority to deliver on promises made, it only takes one attempted violation to expose the impotent emperor. The most direct, potent universal law that blocks potentates from delivering on their promises for social betterment is the 2½ rule. What this corollary of natural law does is permanently insulate the authority from access to actionable quality information (AQI). In effect, being above the rule is reality denying.

The 2½ rule is a classic GIGO situation. Just imagine acting on the information provided by the last person in a “telephone game.” No one can increase social system prosperity on garbage information. Only AQI will digest well and it has to be eaten when cooked, before the 2nd Law spoils it.

When the Big Kahuna discovers he has no social power to deliver on his promises, his immediate concern is to reinforce the myth that his total authority equals omnipotence, infallible at that. This is accomplished through instilling fear in his subjects. It is illustrated in the animal kingdom at large. The fear of carnivores brings everyone in the herd close together for mutual protection. In the case of the tall hierarchy, even though he is the top carnivore, the commander who induced the fear is obeyed under the false assumption that supporting his leadership will fix things. When his deception succeeds, he is terrified that those he governs will discover that it is he who is stoking their fears for the sole purpose of perpetuating his self-image as omnipotent – the imposter syndrome. The bait-ball gambit has worked for powerless potentates for thousands of years. The COVID atrocity was merely its latest form.

Plan B is demonstration and proof of this description. You can see the behavior for yourself. Just tell the supreme potentate that Plan B exists and note his reaction.

The Big Lies of herd management come as a set. There are the lies that generate the consequences, e.g., the 2½ rule, and there are lies designed to cover up the cause of the carnage, such as “training” and other management fads. Big Lies include:

  • Omniscience
  • Benevolence
  • As prime mover, legitimate responsibility for social prosperity
  • Supports inalienable rights for the lower classes
  • Proactive about safety, quality, environmental protection, workforce health, fairness, competitive advantage
The Gödel dictum in language form, two millennia before he was born.

Step back and integrate this armada of Big Lies and it becomes clear that without blind acquiescence of the masses, the charade becomes impossible to maintain. Blind obedience is a function of fear. We are back to square one, worse for the experience.

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