All-purpose, quick-reference checklists

As you have encountered, this website is loaded with checklists. They serve as frames of reference for navigation and a standard of completeness. Elaboration on each topic listed can be found on this website.

Just take what you know about the situation, run down the checklists and if you don’t get a hit, confidently go about your business. If you do get a hit, forewarned is forearmed. We have been using the checklists for years as a first step towards ground truth and error detection. To qualify as Actionable Quality Information (AQI), the information has to be vetted. Yes, it’s time-consuming and a royal PITA, but we prefer to think of the atrocities to ourselves we’re avoiding – a precaution we learned, hardly to our credit, the hard way.

Sometimes having bad information has material consequences.


Social situations quick to unravel (++)

  • Trust – betrayal
  • High performance – workforce abuse, “drive”
  • Information quality – intuition, GIGO
  • Inalienable rights – obedience to authority
  • Competitive advantage – reality denial


Social situations slow to mend (+ -)

  • Lost trust
  • Entropy buildup (e.g., infrastructure)
  • Unwarranted fear


Social situations that cannot mend themselves (++)

  • Organizational dysfunction
  • Reality denial
  • GIGO
  • Opacity
  • Corruption
  • Undiscussables
  • Class distinctions, zero sum
  • High anxiety, fear
  • Social conditioning
  • Closed minded, rule-based behavior

No compromise, less that all of it is none of it, AON

  • Plan B
  • Trust
  • Equipoise
  • Authentic outcome responsibility
  • Reality orientation
  • Transparency
  • GYAT
  • Cooperation
  • Collaboration
  • Incontrovertibility, Popper
  • Hyperlearning

Social system functionalities, inseparably connected

  • Productivity – safety
  • Dysfunction – corruption
  • Dysfunction – health
  • Rule-based behavior – reality denial
  • Obedience to authority – angst – intelligence
  • Turnover – performance
  • Endocrine system – happiness
  • Inalienable rights – resiliency
  • Plan B – + reciprocity


Negative situations quickly mended by B→A ideology displacement

  • Keystone angst, morale
  • Turnover, labor unrest, absenteeism
  • Corruption
  • Productivity
  • Illegitimate zero sum
  • Losers
  • Class distinctions, status by authority
  • Square deal
  • Inalienable rights
  • Groupthink, rule-based behavior
  • Reality denial
  • Outcome responsibility
  • Self-respect, dignity
  • Futureproofing, resiliency
  • Negative reciprocity
  • External relations
    • Stakeholders
    • Public
    • Regulatory
    • Tort lawsuits

Everyone is amazed at how many Plan A consequences disappear instantly and automatically when Plan B initializes. Applied intelligence is the predictor of positive outcomes. POSIWID



What doesn’t work

The popularity of deriding Plan A and its perpetrators does nothing to illuminate Plan B. It’s not that Plan A doesn’t provide enough atrocities to rave about (Ain’t it awful), it’s that making the case to fix plan A an urgency points nowhere. It’s a system matter that required a system fix.

While it’s OK to start the process of elimination (POE)  with ideas triggered by Plan A experience, Gödel’s maxim is fair warning to start thinking system, cross-discipline, where no man has gone before. Here’s our current implementation ‘Ouch Ouch!’ checklist:

  • Reality deniers
    • Top down
  • Side-stepping the keystone
  • Hampering the keystone
  • Intuition, opinions, GIGO
  • Component approach, reductionism
  • Consequences approach
  • Quick fixes
  • Losers
  • Inauthentic zero-sum competition
  • Inauthentic responsibility for outcomes
  • Ignoring the endocrine system
  • Insufficient, invalid goal specification
  • Less than all of it is none of it
  • Attempting to defy natural law
  • Attempting to defy human nature
  • Coercion, force, drive
  • Denying inalienable rights, square deals

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