Your Health: Top Priority


The website opening page presented the site theme – we are our choices.

Making choices is an intellectual activity of an individual brain, an effort philosophers call thinking (2) responding to a “call” (1) also originating in the subconscious mind. Our target is confined to the significant sociotechnical system problems we call Category three.

“Thinking” underwrites choice making by comparing the knowledge about candidate fixes to a prioritized value system also held within the individual’s brain (3). Choices made that turn out to be good attest that high-stakes thinking took place. 1 2 3

The theme is so central to our life’s trajectory it is expressly connected to this page:

  • Scope of page subject matter
  • The logical couplings between theme, the sociotechnical system, and this page


Scope: This page makes the case for placing your health as top value. Without health and security regarding your health, you can’t make good choices for yourself, or anybody else.

Connections: Bringing the MitM out of angst, unhealthy, into self-confidence, healthy, is the first milestone of the expedition of transposition from Plan A to Plan B. Without this capability and sequence by the interventionist, Plan B would never have come to life in 2013. It is the requisite for hyperlearning the necessaries.  Angst blowdown releases the internal energy confiscated by anxiety and insecurity for beneficial services.

About your rights to pursue health

The world is filled with self-evident truths — truisms — that philosophers, lawyers and judges know need not be proven. However, your government/collective/bureaucracy, an artificial creation based on a monopoly of force, could not exist if it did not negate your freedoms. Accordingly, no government accepts the natural origin of rights, including the paramount right – to live. A right is not a privilege. A privilege is something the government doles out to suit itself or calm the masses. Acceptance of authoritative policies of privilege is not consent.

Distinguish between privileges that the government doles out and rights that we own by virtue of our humanity, rights so human and natural that they exist in all persons even in the absence of government. A right is an indefeasible personal claim against the whole world. It does not require a government permission slip. It does not require the approval of family or neighbors. It does not require preconditions except the ability to reason, to act with intelligence.

Your right to be alive, to think as you wish, to say what you think, to publish what you say, to worship or not, to associate or not, petitioning the government, to defend yourself and repel tyrants, your right to be left alone, to own property, to travel or to stay put — these natural aspects of human existence are natural rights that come from our humanity and for the exercise of which all rational persons yearn. Recognizing a universal truth acknowledges the existence of an order of things higher than human reason, certainly higher than government.

Your rights are claims against the whole world, the exercise of which requires abandonment of fear, acceptance of truth, and rejection of compromise. Your government/collective denies your inalienable rights by legally punishing the exercise of them and by stealing your property. There’s more.

Pay close attention:

Inalienable rights, by logical inference, have to include the right to solve problems that threaten those rights. When the ruling class takes away your right to solve the problems that negatively affect your security and happiness, it dissolves every natural right you have in one stroke. The right to solve those life-threatening problems, your responsibility, includes the essential right of autonomy to do so. Like prudence, proclaimed as the mother of all virtue nonstop for four thousand years, problem-solving is the mother of all inalienable rights. Threats against your inalienable rights pose problems that have to be solved to enjoy those rights.


Health, gateway to life happiness

Health in life is the foremost inalienable human right. No health, no life, no social intercourse. Elevating workforce health is the first goal of Plan B installation. The class that enters the FLLP as damaged goods. Derision and abuse from management has taken its toll on their endocrine system. Poor health from endocrine imbalance can be a big factor in unhappiness.

A big health effect of social malfunction on the populace, endless fear-driven psychological stress, leads to physical ailments. This is a scientifically well-document connection, beyond dispute, ignored by the Establishment for over a century.

The noun health as used in this website includes both psychological health and physical health. These two kinds of health, physiological and mental, are tightly coupled by the subconscious mind, the central controller of your endocrine system that neurologically and chemically connects the two healths together. The communication traffic between them flows both ways simultaneously, circulating in a loop. The details of its functionality are unknowable. The subconscious can’t make the same choice twice.

From the Plan B perspective, there are four “audiences” for “health”

  1. MitM in FLLP, has interventionist
  2. MitM solo, has coach
  3. Producers, have veterans
  4. Entitleists, have each other


Clarification on site “audiences”

  1. Anyone entered in the FLLP (Front Line Leader Program) gets personal, customized guidance from the interventionist. These MitM-keystones have no need for other input, including this website. The FLLP hyper-learning context reaches the angst blowdown milestone in about a month. Everyone in the FLLP notices when the internal energy is released because angst flushes out all at once. Angst has no inertia.
  2. The MitM solo, a keystone not in the FLLP, without the hyper learning setting will find considerable assistance on this website. While he has to start on his own motivation, he has access to Plan B veterans for coaching over the rough spots. It takes the solitary explorer to Plan B whatever time it takes. Since it is all psychological, when blowdown occurs, everyone notices immediately. “Reading” other people reading you is how you know you succeeded.
  3. The producers who are not MitM, can earn a health benefit package. Experience has established that knowing the what and why of dysfunctional social behavior releases a lot of anxiety. Even for those who can do nothing about the cause of their dilemma, knowledge of cause is effective self-protection from getting worse.
  4. The upper-hierarchy entitled consumers, by virtue of their role and preoccupation with social status by vested authority are in reality denial. Nothing can be done by reality-centered producers to help reduce the angst of the imposter syndrome. Without psychological health, it is impossible for anyone to get their act together, solve significant problems.


Prepare for hyperlearning

Experience has shown it’s best to acquire a mindset for the adventure that is committed to hyperlearning. Getting to Plan B is a pole vault, not a marathon.

We use the term hyperlearning to mean that designed situation where learning takes place in a group of peers being led by a Plan B interventionist. The group size is between 5 and 10 and there are no non-peers in the room. The episodes of hyperlearning are two hours long and a month apart, determined by research to be best for adult learning. In hyperlearning, about half of the knowledge being tossed about is from the learners reporting to each other on their test results from implementing the practices gleaned from the previous episode. The reason is practical. Context channels behavior. The interventionist tailors the lesson plan appropriately to the microbiome of the collective.

The best concept for Plan B audiences, winnowed down to solo MitMs and the producers in their charge, is ecosystem.

Most people will accept that they, individually, are ecosystems. They will also accept that their various social systems are ecosystems as well. The scientific definition of ecosystem endorses this association.

An ecosystem is a community of living organisms in a particular area in conjunction with the nonliving components of their environment, interacting as a coherent system. These biotic and abiotic components are entangled together through dynamic cycles and energy flows. Energy and material enters the system where natural law and humans play roles in the movement of the matter and energy through the system, excreting various high entropy matter as waste products that enter other low-entropy ecosystems as feedstock.

Significant scientific effort has established the “laws” that determine ecosystem health and dynamics. Most people and their media accept that Nature’s laws of ecosystem viability are valid and primary. After all, these laws are used to base arguments for deriding the terrible things humans are doing to planet earth.

While the laws of ecosystem viability work fine for our derivation of Plan B, we cannot avoid the irony where you have people who do not accept that human social behavior is channeled by either natural law or by invariant human nature. You will hit the same tripwire when you tell others that human social behavior is shaped by the laws of ecology and context. That is, they will agree to the components of your argument but not the logical conclusion. Hold fast to that lesson. In this crazy business, you’ll encounter paradox often.

Get your baseline

If you are reading this because of your concerns about what Plan A has done to your health, get a foolproof baseline assessment. Bloodwork can put the general question of current health, psychological and physical, beyond dispute. Periodic bloodwork can track your progress and affirm when you have restored your health. As many Olympians found out, there are many chemicals in your blood that quantitatively measure dimensions of your physical and psychological wellness.

Why trust your judgment and opinions, given their track record, when you can have top-drawer evidence? It is your own health that is at stake.

The operational reality

Nature has arranged things so that every advance in a positive direction contains two components. There are some aspects where outside help can improve your goal-seeking performance. There are some fundamental aspects of positive change for which no assistance is possible. The inescapable changes you must make for yourself. Your primary tool is your absolute, conscious-mind veto power over the imperatives posted by your subconscious mind on the interface teleprompter.

The teleprompter in your cranium, run by your subconscious mind always makes task action choices first. Your conscious mind has veto power, but you have to use it.

What can’t be done for anyone:

  • Learn for them
  • Gain understanding how nature works the operational reality, cause and effect
  • Replacing false assumptions with effective concepts
  • Think, gatekeep, perform triage
  • Make prudent choices
  • Give them their inalienable rights

Be not concerned about the hurdles, obstacles, and barriers that block your path. You’re neither first nor alone. Your health is not beyond your control. Satisfy yourself early-on that your mental health goal is attainable and worthwhile. For that assurance, nothing beats veteran contact.

What can be provided:

  • Viable concepts, system think
  • Prior experience as reference
  • Tools
  • Practices and procedures proven effective
  • Opportunities to visit implementations

Keep in mind that the antidote to Plan A languishing, Plan B flourishing, exists. Refusing to follow up on that news, for any reason, does not detract from Plan B success. POSIWD announces the individual has chosen to remain a Plan A captive. That’s his choice, not your failure to persuade. Poker face, disconnect and distance.


You are in control of your health, both psychological and physical. Everything positive in Plan B world begins with angst blowdown – step one of the fix for your psychological health. To shed your angst requires cognitive effort – study, contemplation, and testing. The good news is that if you can ax your angst, you have proven yourself fit for making the entire trip to Plan B.

The two steam jets emanating from the locomotive boiler blows down its “angst.”



Getting rid of unwarranted angst

To get to plan B you must choose to regain your health, physical and psychological, and that can only be realized by high-stakes thinking. The energy you will stop wasting is necessary to power your hyperlearning to health. After all, your infection with angst is entirely psychological and caused by those you obey..

How Silicon Valley took control over your health

When you traded your inalienable right to life for the path of least organizational resistance, you triggered a cascade of events that took control over your way of life, and your health. You joined the irrational, unhealthy fear-based bait ball of society.

The mechanism of action you unwittingly authorized was to allow access and control of your subconscious mind to anyone and everyone who knew the entry code. The ability to control your task actions, by people you don’t even know, no less trust, was turned into settled science by Silicon Valley and the social media it operates that learned how to exploit the bait ball they helped form. Corrupt government partnered in the development of Impostorism from the first. Besides financing a corrupt Establishment, 3-D, the incredible wealth generated by Silicon Valley control of human subconscious minds speaks for its success.

In this well-organized conspiracy against your inalienable rights, all it takes for your antagonist armies to ruin your health is for your conscious mind to be complacent. Social media has become the most efficient and successful fear-monger, insecurity generator of all time. Over 90% of the news ingested by the population is especially crafted to induce fear. Know anyone who is not revolving in a brain-numbed bait ball?

You already know that organizational dysfunction (OD) is ubiquitous, global. The extreme level of anxiety characteristic of dysfunctional society, saturated on self-induced fear, is authoritarianism’s trademark grip on humanity. Fear mongering is species extinction from the inside, not a cataclysm of Nature from the outside. The fears themselves are confections of the mind with no rational basis in fact.

Just observe humanity in action. The generations of non-producers, clutching to their social media in a death grip, eagerly forming a bait ball, are willing targets for the hostile takeover of their choice-making subconscious by Authoritarians. Over time, as capability with reality fades away into opinion, the opportunity to flourish is lost.

This mechanism by which angst is infused to your subconscious mind is a streaming incongruency. It is a discrepancy between your actual experience  and your picture of yourself insofar as it represents that experience – one that doesn’t go away by itself over time.

It’s plain that the mechanisms of action employed by your despotic antagonists to ruin your health via angst must be severed and replaced with conscious-mind actions that keep them severed. It begins by stopping the ingestion of fear mongering, threat-based insecurity. The span of control of your efforts includes veto of subconscious mind imperatives.

The fix is not one-off, but a life-long commitment of your rational, reality-centered conscious mind thinking set to the task of triage. Plan B,  egalitarian, classless, makes it easy to identify the imposter syndrome. Your brain only hurts doing all this until you get addicted to its streaming benefits.

Understanding the truth about implanted anxiety is the primary task that leads to automatic angst blowdown, milestone one. Once you find out you are in control of your destiny, you’ll succeed.

The core requirements

For angst blowdown to occur, you don’t have to know everything about the MoAs of Plan A, but you must understand enough to learn that as a producer, you can refuse to join the bait ball. Your social status only depends on your performance as producer, effort which is under your exclusive, personal control.

For producers, angst is vented off by understanding the reality of their power:

  • The artificial fear-mongering for what it is
    • Refusing to join the bait ball
  • Your inalienable social power
  • Your inalienable, personal responsibility for prosperity
  • Your immunity to corruption and the imposter syndrome


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