Positive Resocialization


To Elon R. Musk, Technoking of Tesla

c/o Corporate Secretary, Tesla, Inc. 3500 Deer Creek Road, Palo Alto, CA 94304

Sir: Watching “Who is Elon R. Musk?” on Fox News, the “lights” came on. I suddenly realized you were the only erudite person on planet earth psychologically equipped to apprehend the innovation we brought to life in 2013, called “Plan B.” I learned you, ERM, possess the wherewithal, experience, desire, and societal influence to act appropriately on the important new knowledge that was developed. No other innovation in the history of mankind approaches the size, significance, and application scope of the Plan B innovation. This unexampled sociotechnical breakthrough works and it’s generic.

It took us engineers 45 years of painful and erratic efforts to attain Plan B. While we cringe at our decades of failures, we became exonerated. Twelve thousand years of predecessors never solved the riddle and we did. And now it’s as though we developed this extraordinary marvel just for ERM and your Master of Coin, Zach Kirkhorn. With its vertical integration and closed technology, it is an ERM-compliant innovation.

As the helmsmen of our fate, we were compelled to develop Plan B. We sorely needed to get relief from the cumulative angst of chronic organizational malfunction. Our long careers in engineering very large, high-stakes projects, such as airports and nuclear power plants, notorious fiscal calamities, had taken their toll on our mental and physical health. We knew firsthand the failures were unnecessary. That ache never really goes away, exonerated or not.

We know the psychological benefits of Plan B are real because we enjoy them every day, ten years and counting. We know the personal benefits migrate because the participants from every implementation tell us so on a regular basis. Positive reciprocity, for one Plan B benefit, is the most beautiful social behavior on the planet and it’s addictive. The new capability in a sentence:

Starting with the malfunctioning hierarchical collective as-is, using a generic transposition process, the organization can quickly be brought into a sustainable, flourishing state.

Yes. The most beneficial innovation ever made by and for civilized humankind is invisible.

The extraordinary evidence supporting this claim:

  • Analytical/conceptual: the natural law foundation of the Plan B innovation, incontrovertible, provided here on our website.
  • Empirical: “Show Me” inhouse test implementation. Measurable results. Quick and ultimate proof.

Prime mover

The sociotechnical functionalities of Plan B are attained by transposing the operational mindset of the only echelon of the hierarchy that can bring about a positive change to the operating practices of a hierarchy. This level contains the human ecosystem keystones. The profusion of benefits of the Plan B implementation process includes economic, societal, and personal factors. It is a completely-psychological phenomenon.

Economic: Using the world GNP as an objective measure of the innovation’s financial clout, the gross existing market for Plan B is $20T of the current $100T world GNP. Generic Plan B recovers the 20% waste of manpower currently being incurred in running dysfunctional, hierarchical organizations, a ubiquitous state of affairs called Plan A, business operating “as usual.” Plan B reallocates the money already in the treasury, previously going to sunk-cost losses in Plan A, now classified as “Administration,” directly to net profit as you go. The Master of Coin will have to add three more zeroes to your annual salary.

A $20T global market with no investment to make to develop, no finances to arrange or insurance to acquire, no research or development to do, ready to go, positive results obvious from day one  – with the profits from Plan B already in their treasury. Don’t try telling that one to The Business Roundtable without keeping one foot in the stirrup. They unceremoniously tossed us out a decade ago.

Societal: The invention brings psychological re-socialization of individual producers and their social systems to the considerable benefit of both. Plan B reduces class distinctions. The subjugated producers recover lost security, sanguinity, prosperity, and resilience. Just like the consequences of Plan A, the benefits of Plan B cascade in all directions. The new self-confidence of the Plan B workforce radiates out to their families and the community. This psychological phenomenon verifies our no-loser, square-deal doctrine is indeed requisite. The highest value of the head shed is never about money or workforce dignity.

The disparity in value systems between the producing workforce and the consuming authoritarians is why, exactly, Plan B success takes an ERM-grade champion to exploit in a positive way. The angst-confiscated life-energy release provides the vigor and freedom for you to better leverage organizational success – your most remarkable talent.

Personal: Everyone

  • Angst relief. A delightful feeling that natural law and invariant human nature are (finally) on your side.
  • Restores forfeited inalienable rights, square-deal fairness, dignity, and security.
  • A great increase in social intelligence that delivers in every social transaction, business and personal.


Especially for ERM and ZK: Cuts administrative concerns in half. When Plan B is in service, several common Plan A worries disappear as a set from the crisis radar screen, including:

  • Productivity, effectiveness
  • Turnover, recruitment
  • Safety, losses, insurance
  • Quality, workmanship
  • Competitive advantage
  • Environmental, regulatory, legal
  • Morale, dignity, cooperation, and collaboration
  • Legitimate, freely-taken outcome responsibility
  • Corruption
  • You can deliberately make a social system prosperous and secure. Authoritarians and dictators cannot.


Each of these items is discussed at length on the website as part of the conceptual/analytical legitimization of Plan B. These concerns disappear as one, the instant Plan B takes ahold of the workplace mindset. The fact that every change listed takes place in unison signifies that Plan A dysfunction is a system problem. The fact the transposition occurs rapidly signifies it is a zero-inertia psychological problem. Plan A dysfunction cannot get resolved by tinkering separately with its various consequences. In high-stakes sociotechnical matters, reductionism is fatal. Academia practices nothing else.

Generic Plan B is fully applicable to all of your many, diverse enterprises and their suppliers. When the workforce has taken outcome responsibility, “ownership” of Plan B, it rightfully assumes the autonomy to deliver. As our experience has consistently shown, word will get around about the Plan B success, workforce to workforce, throughout your businesses and vendors, without any effort on your part. This effect makes migration to other organizations easier for the interventionist. Expectations are positive before we begin. Plan B takes hold sooner.

Plan going forward

Step 1 – Face to face meeting with the two principal developers of Plan B for you to ask questions and express your concerns in engineer speak. You may bring two others of your choice who have become acquainted with the content of our website. Early-on in the gathering you will get a 5-minute demonstration of raw Plan B power. It is the opening monologue delivered verbatim by the interventionist to the keystones at every episode one of his “Front Line Leader Program.” It will answer the majority of your questions about why the FLLP works. Videos may be taken. Since covering everything important in Plan B in one gathering is impossible, our discussion will be confined to answering your questions. We support your five minute rule.

Step 2 – Plan B implementation performance data itself is the paramount legitimation of Plan B. We know by experience that theory alone doesn’t get the migration job done. Only inhouse test implementations in the operational reality will put proof of the Plan B ideology to bed. Cheap and quick. Two simultaneous but separate demonstration cases in one of your organizations ≥ 350 individuals. You pick, it’s generic. There is nothing to buy. We certify that the eventual success of Plan B will be widely recognized throughout the target workforce in four weeks, after the first episode of the FLLP is delivered.

The test schedule has the interventionist onsite for a few days getting acquainted with each of the keystones, in situ. It only takes 1½ days of that time to determine if the organizational situation is unsalvageable – a stop rule.

If the requisites for success are found, the interventionist returns after three weeks to provide Episode 1 of Season one (2 hours). The keystones need lag time to discuss things about the interventionist and his potential to help them, amongst themselves. Because of his decade of Plan A→B experience, the interventionist can confirm the eventual outcome of the entire program after the biobreak in episode one. Risk of project failure has been reduced to zero in one hour. Tangible evidence of success will seek you out in 4 weeks. “Meetings,” as ERM defines them, have disappeared on their own. Turnover has stopped in its tracks. All this on autopilot.

After episode one, the new esprit de corps, focusing on merit, becomes obvious to everyone. The workplace has become quiet. The instinct of workmanship has been uncaged and creativity honored. After experiencing Plan B, no one wants to go back to business as usual. As mentioned, our social system design creed is no losers. Zero sum is pilloried. At core, workers don’t like to have to perform below their capabilities.

The critical design and assign role of the workforce is inherent in the keystone level. They have voluntarily taken responsibility for outcomes and given the autonomy to deliver. Exactly like yourself, keystone instincts will have it no other way. Plan B is seen as a square deal, a workforce attraction of grossly underestimated practical value.

As you suspect from your own experience, there is absolutely no difference between the creative and innovative talents of the individuals in the workforce and the general staff. Human nature is invariant. In Plan A→B, 88% of the organizational roster, controlled exclusively by the keystones, goes from zero input to full blast, creating a tsunami of collaborative creativity. Positive change becomes the norm. No incentives are necessary. The impact on increasing competitive advantage, for one, is enormous. Not to worry, no organization or potentate in the world will ever seek Plan B.

Schedule of results: In less than four months you will have enough first-hand evidence from the test cases to bring Plan B to other organizations in your operational envelope. We have worked out a viable apprentice training program to provide interventionist journeymen. In less than 10 months, enough first-hand evidence will be in hand to develop the migration/franchise plan. You control everything by providing the interventionists.

This announcement does not disclose the “magical” recipe of Plan B. As you well know, leaving that part out is necessary to protect patents that are in process. When we meet face to face, we will disclose the patent-worthy “magic” of Plan B installation and maintenance to any degree you wish, as you wish. Some of this “miracle” knowhow you will adopt and test yourself before the day is over. When you find out the sociotechnology works, just like the keystones, you will test out more of the Plan B power on your own. We call this ground-truth hyperlearning. Remember, managers are socially conditioned Luddites. When you tell them about Plan B, their subconscious minds immediately hit the panic button, expressed as catatonia, a signature subconscious reaction beyond their control that you can observe for yourself . Guess how we know this.

Awareness of Plan B as your exclusive, invincible resource instantly makes you the most socially-influential person on the planet. There is no dependency on the media or the Establishment to make that happen. You will personally experience the stunning distinction between what those with supreme authority can accomplish (destruction) from those with great social power (construction). The producing class of the world will cheer your transcendence. We predict that ZK will agree this new capability was custom made for you. He will undoubtedly recognize the impressive benefit package Plan B holds for him and that, by role, you rightfully hold the strongbox key.

Looking forward, W. L. Livingston, PE

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