The Language of Plan B

Even though the arena of Plan B is more intricate than complex, the variety of subject matter brought together in the novel framework herein calls for a richer vocabulary than is available in everyday language. About 90 keywords in our social intelligence arena are used to compress and simplify modules of rationale. The top keyword encompassing everything is prudence. It is the gateway for all human virtues and that covers everything worthwhile in life.

Keywords and their descriptions are posted on their own page.

There are some basic keywords that need elaboration. There is no particular order to the selections that follow. Many keywords are entangled with each other, of course, during implementation and maintenance of Plan B, especially allocation of effort. Because social behavior is a system phenomenon, the combinations quickly become astronomical in quantity. Enjoy the keywords  you can readily comprehend and tend to the others during implementation.

Social system: A virtual neural network of entangled subconscious minds endowed with two disparate archetypes of stable operations, Plan A or Plan B. The stuff that makes a social system a social system has no mass. No inertia. It is a narrative we tell ourselves to remain sane in insane social situations.

Without subconscious-mind neural entanglement, it’s not a social system.

Plan A: The distrust-based paradigm of hierarchical functionality you rode in on. It is imprudent, not self-correcting. The plan of social relations Nature coded in your genome. The path of least organizational resistance is the subconscious brain on autopilot. Comply as socialized, and the prime mover of organizational dysfunction (OD), a syndrome of psychopathology, is automatically energized by your System 1 – a wetware computer program which takes no responsibility for the outcomes of the directives it commands you to execute. It’s a substitute for business as usual, known by everyone. Social status by competition for authority tokens predominates.

Plan A in action.

The Plan A vs Plan B distinction was well known before WWI. The ruling class was just as oblivious to the plight of their workers, which it deliberately caused, as it was to the profound success of Plan B class organizations. By 1925, when the eye-witness champions had died off, including Harrison Emerson and Samuel Gompers, the ruling class objectives in social status had prevailed over collective common sense, ushering in the academics.

Graphic of Plan A of organizational Dysfunction,  widely published in 1902.




Plan B: The trust-based paradigm of hierarchical functionality you have occasionally experienced. It is a self-correcting culture. The risk-informed gatekeeper/triage of the subconscious imperatives, necessary for personal/organizational flourishing. Proactive, vigilant goal-seeking implementations approved by the conscious mind. Social status by performance predominates. Prudence is the prime mover of Plan B.

Graphic of the counterpart to Plan A consequences, widely published in 1902. Its composition was based on direct evidence, not opinion.
Plan B in action. Try going to an Amish barn-raising day and not contributing.

Experience shows that the term Plan B is instantly recognized by everyone as a desirable alternative to Plan A. The Plan B concept had a dozen predecessors, such as utopia, which caused no end of confusion and misunderstanding. Yes, Plan B is is also a OTC morning-after drug. Yes, Man in the Middle is also an internet scam.

Human mind:  the two disparate, complementary systems of data processing functionalities, System 1 and System 2,  the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, contained in your cranium. Nature allocates 10% of the computational resources in the human brain to conscious-mind functions (thinking, logic). It computes at a pace slow enough to provide time for intelligent due diligence, prudence. The conscious mind has veto power over task action on imperatives commanded by the dependably-imprudent subconscious mind, System 1, Brainiac.

Research has measured the 90% subconscious mind processing 4 million bits of info per second using impulses that travel at a speed of up to 100,000 mph; whereas, the 10% conscious mind can only process 40 bits of info per second with impulses that travel at a speed up to 100-150 mph. Because of the lags inherent in intelligent choice-making, only the conscious mind can be Ashby intelligent.

The subconscious mind, assigned 90% of the computational resources in the cranium, runs through its complete decision-making cycle, from trigger event to completion, in less than a centisecond. There is no time allotment for information quality checking or logical thinking. It does, however, take a couple of milliseconds of its processing time to fabricate an intellectual alibi for its choices. The imperative to alibi is so strong that failure to concoct a plausible narrative results in a signature reflex state of catatonia. You can learn on this website how to trigger this tell-tale phenomenon in others.

The bi-computer human brain, System 1 and System 2.

Flourishing: Defined by its essential, connected constituents, under self-control in Plan B:

  • Health
    • Psychological
      • Inalienable rights, equal opportunity for psychological success (Maslow)
    • Physical
  • Security
    • Transparency
    • Control
  • Prosperity: exceptional productivity, competitive advantage
    • Bright future
    • Positive reciprocity

Incontrovertible: Evidence under the Karl Popper system of falsifiability. Every use of the adjective attached to a concept comes with a transparent, practical means to controvert it. Falsification of Plan B claims is highly encouraged. It’s how one gains confidence.

Impasse: A barrier to progress towards Plan B put up by natural law (multiplicity) or social-status (psychology). The journey to Plan B smacks into these two impasses in sequence. The first impasse, unbounded complexity by multiplicity, has a viable, straightforward, practical workaround. It takes a lot of brainwork, but it’s taught in engineering school and quite doable.

The second impasse of social status also has a workaround, but of a very different kind. Because social status is the hands-down supreme motivator of social behavior, the workaround for this impasse must be seen in action to be believed. You are invited to visit implementation sites to do so.

GIGO: Garbage in garbage out

AQI: Actionable Quality Information. Ground truth, first hand, reliable enough to act on with confidence. French Army vedettes. Eleanor Roosevelt for FDR.

Actionable Quality Information (AQI) is always based on Ground Truth

2nd Law Of thermodynamics:

It’s the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Sooner or later everything turns to shit. Woody Allen

This law is Kryptonite to Infallibility. It is toxic to rule-based behavior. Everyone, everything dies from it, including the Universe itself.

The most secure natural law of the universe

2½ Rule: Information cannot be transmitted intact more than 2½ layers of hierarchy without losing validity. The telephone game is an example and its basis is control theory, not personality. It’s the bane of micromanagement.

Fidelity of communications can make it through 2½ layers of a hierarchy intact – at best. It’s natural law, not a character flaw.

Zero Sum transactions: Fierce competition based upon an assumption that the resource amount being contested is finite and eternal. The less your competitors get, the more you get. Here, the corruption of OD is exposed in that none of the zero-sum competitions in its social operations are legitimate. In every case, the size of the pie being contested is not fixed. It can  be made larger and on a continuous basis. Innovation is Kryptonite to the zero sum transactions. Without zero sum combat, the ruling class cannot so easily forge class distinctions.

Organizational success is not a zero sum contest.

Trust: In Plan A operations, trust is immaterial because all transactions are, by custom, distrust-based. In Plan B operations, high-stakes trust is requisite. To be trusted to act appropriately is to enjoy your inalienable rights. In particular, the granting of autonomy for taking responsibility for attaining positive objectives. It is a square-deal exchange.

High stakes trust is a requisite for Plan B people.

Social status: The paramount motivator in hierarchical social behavior. There is no second place. Social status is networked individual opinions (subconscious). There are two separate categories of social status: authority and performance. The authority arena competes in domination by infusing fear. The most terror-generating person is awarded the highest authority to generate more terror, with impunity. This is an example of negative reciprocity.

The performance arena is focused on the attainment of the collective’s stated objectives. Authority plays no role. Those who benefit the social system automatically accumulate social power to engender cooperation and collaboration for joint goal-seeking efforts. This is an example of positive reciprocity.


The method of authority will always govern the mass of mankind; and those who wield the various forms of organized force in the state will never be convinced that dangerous reasoning ought not to be suppressed in some way. Charles Sanders Peirce   1887


Social Status is the prime mover of social behavior. Domination skirmishes, zero sum, for authority. Performance for power.


Nash: The Nash equilibrium. Nobel prizewinner John R. Nash, (A beautiful mind) supplied the mathematical physics that shows how any efforts to fix Plan A consequences, by Plan A people, are ultimately futile. History has produced no no exceptions.

Rogerian Triad: The requisite conditions established by psychotherapist Carl Rogers for building high-stakes trust.

The Rogerian Triad is fundamental to social behavior in Plan B.

The Platinum Rule: Do unto others whatsoever they want to be done unto them.

Ca’canny: Equal and opposite reaction to the threats of any authority by domination. Withholding of efficiency. A specie of sabotage. From the 17th century Scots.

The reflex to retaliate against a flogging management is the withholding of efficiency. The decision to Ca’canny is sealed in less than a centisecond.

POSIWID: The Purpose Of The System Is What It Does. Actions speak louder than words and can be interpreted via POSIWID in terms of purpose. Rooted in mathematical physics, this tool can never steer you wrong.

A corollary of control theory by William Ross Ashby

Reciprocity: Instinctive tit-for-tat in social intercourse. In Plan A, reciprocity is negative. Over time things get worse and worse. In Plan B reciprocity is positive. Over time things get better and better. Positive reciprocity is the most beautiful social behavior on earth. It is the crowning glory of Plan B flourishing.

Livingston’s Chreod: The bi-computer human brain, neither computer on autopilot, represents the only functional exception to Babbage’s GIGO impasse for social behavior, comportment taking place down the bunny hole in Wit’s End where everyone there is bonkers. The Livingston chreod consists of a human-driven set of algorithms, executed in Plan B, where correct outputs can eventually be obtained from fiction-laced feedstock by black-box test experience with real social systems.

This unique human capability is the only known antidote to the social status impasse. The Livingston impasse-workaround paradigm sets the framework of this website. It makes full use of the Conant/Ashby theorem, whereby feedforward regulation is based on the difference between the forecast and the reality.

The mentor line: The arbitrary limits of knowledge encompassed by every discipline. Its cardinal rule is that members may not connect with extra-discipline knowledge. If your mentor is tops in his field, he dares not cross-feed with other disciplines. He must suspend his curiosity below the imaginary mentor line or his colleagues will expel him. There is a large class of consequences that show up within discipline boundaries that have causes well above the level where its consequences manifest. Kurt Gödel/Einstein.

Kurt Gödel developed the mathematical proof in 1939 in collaboration with Einstein.
Depending on the kind of problem it is, you may have to get above the hard ceiling of expertise to deal with its cause.

Thin-air largesse: The size and variety of the Plan B windfall equals the amount of material and psychological consequences delivered by Plan A plus the losses of unrealized opportunity from quenched creativity. In the case of Plan B, the machinery to recover the treasure is already there in your cranium.

Plan B: prosperity health, and security out of thin air – where you parked it. It works like making drinking water from humidity.


You are not expected to connect the various modules of natural law, principle, and logic into an integrated campaign to attain Plan B by yourself (Warfield’s Dictum). That vault takes an interventionist and coaching by veterans. What you can do is become acquainted with the modules and try out pieces and parts of their concepts in your own domain.

Upon this first, and in one sense this sole rule of reason, that in order to learn you must desire to learn, and in so desiring not be satisfied with what you are already incline to think, there follows one corollary which itself deserves to be inscribed upon every wall of the city of philosophy: Do not block the way of inquiry. Charles Sanders Peirce 1878


Hierarchical Social Species are everywhere the same. Same laws apply.

Socialization instills the myth that natural laws can be defied with sufficient human determination and persistence. The norms of  functioning in a hierarchy attempt to defy the laws of Nature. Even though every attempt fails, feedback from such failures is blocked at every level (confirmation bias).

Global society has no definition of the possible regarding what is attainable in social flourishing to guide behavior choices. It insists there is only one way established by Nature, which makes it incumbent on every member of society to accept the norm. Plan A is implemented without question. When the purpose of Plan A society is perpetuation of Plan A, the consequences of Plan A is what you get, and you can’t stop the hemorrhage.  (POSIWID)



The generic process of advancing from where you’re at to the Plan B benefits package, prudence, shows how your windfall is taken from what your subconscious parked in thin air at previous occasions. The A-B process is plagued by two impasses:

  1. Multiplicity, obvious
  2. Social status, ambush

The multiplicity impasse appears on day one in the several unknowables of social behavior process. The numbers of involved components of computation are astronomical. Social behavior is a Black Box issue. Social behavior knowledge is developed by induction, not deduction.

The Social Status ambush impasse appears after the “Extraordinary claims requires extraordinary evidence” mandate has been fully met.

  • Social status power through positive performance
  • Social status authority through domination by fear of punishment

End Note: The Babbage impasse

On two occasions I have been asked, – “Pray, Mr. Babbage, if you put into the computing machine wrong figures, will the right answers come out?” In one case a member of the Upper House, and in the other a member of the Lower House put this question. He answered, “I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a question.” Charles Babbage 1875

The first mechanical computing machine. By Charles Babbage

While there are a great many machine learning programs that, over time, can compensate for bad inputs mixed in with good inputs in a particular knowledge domain, such as speech recognition, there remains an application limit to machine learning where no amount of computerization and learning software can take garbage in and output correct answers. The human brain is the only information processor on earth that can be fed garbage inputs and over time and access to the real world, produce correct answers to a specified problem. Prudence is, exactly, how Plan B came into existence in 2013.

“Let’s see if I’ve got this right. I can have a quantum boost in health, security, and prosperity from Plan B by extracting myself from an unhealthy situation I brought on myself by implementing my unknowable subconscious mind imperatives on automatic. And the magic to bring this miracle about has been within me the whole time?” Yep.


While Carl Sagan makes good sense, it is no guarantee of success going viral.

The “meat and potatoes” of the induction center gallery consists of three extraordinary building blocks of social dynamics knowledge, one per page, for benefit of keystones.

  1. The extraordinary claims
  2. The extraordinary evidence
  3. The extraordinary A to B phase-change process

Boldly going where no man has gone before, in Wit’s End yet.

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