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Keyword Index for MitMs

This page organizes some of the words that structure the framework of Plan B – the rack we hang the sociotechnical knowledge on. The hyperlinks jump you to elaborations of the terms in the context of their use.

Our policy is to use the word that represents the best fit for the most pertinent stuff. We employ established, but uncommon words like chreod and dysrationalia because they save having to use so many other words to convey the same message.  As soon as a better word is found, the old ones are discarded. So much for loyalty to words or to seventh-graders in the pursuit of Plan B.

Tools for building and maintaining Plan B


Natural law, mathematical physics

Natural Law Derivation

Social Conditioning

Legal: Tort

Genetic Endowment

Navigational distinctions

Silence breaking



Keywords are discussed at length in the books, especially M2 Book Two naked

The legal aspects of Plan B are discussed at length in the book “Design for Prevention.”





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