High Adventure in Silence Breaking

You have reached the awesome website of the men in the middle (MitM).

The MitMs inhabit the social class level christened by the ruling authorities two centuries ago for housing their MitMs. Sitting at the bottom of the social pecking order, banished from management and labor and harrassed at the center, is clear evidence that we’re on to something profound. An artifact of the industrial revolution, it is the only echelon in a tall Homo hierarchy that can improve productivity and implement innovations because, as MitMs, they have absolute control of the task actions of 88% of the organizational roster and are prudent about solving problems, especially the intractable problems in their MitM  operational reality.

As the guardian class of society, the mighty MitMs have the social power to veto any management fad imposed top-down and they can implement any change MitMs collectively support – no permissions required. At some time in their lives, everyone has worked for a MitM, a witness to his absolute, unilateral design and assign role.

This exploration of social intelligence centers on the process of thinking, especially that kind of thinking necessary to be successful with high-stakes problems. Without prudent, reality-centered thinking, investing intelligent cognitive effort using your conscious mind, there is no way to be socially intelligent. The identical, endless global dilemmas in social behavior is proof positive that the Establishments of the world neither possess nor condone the acquisition of social intelligence. As you will well remember, you were socially conditioned to not think for yourself but be obedient to authority. If you think universities teach the methods of prudent thinking so their students can better fend for themselves in the operational reality, think again.

Getting better is a life of advancement in learning how to make prudent, win win choices, benefiting everyone, and it generates all the flavors of awe. It is class distinctions without losers. It’s a celebration of curiosity, the creative instincts, and the autonomy to tackle high-stakes challenges and forging a happy life. It testifies to and examples inalienable human rights.

Awe is the feeling of being in the presence of something vast that transcends your understanding of the world. Awe has tremendous health benefits that include calming down the nervous system and triggering the release of oxytocin. Dacher Keltner 2022


For anyone, anywhere, the most important intellectual activity he undertakes all day, every day, is making choices in allocating his efforts. How he judges himself and how others judge him is how appropriate, for the particular circumstances, his implemented selections turn out in practice. Because the MitM role is so intensely involved with task-action choice making for himself and his reports, the website focus is on improving the efficacy of this process of “appropriate selection.” Accordingly, anyone can profit from the sociotechnical knowledge about the science, engineering and art of reality-informed “selection,” thinking on steroids, placed on this site. Subjects include:

  • Cognition of the real operational reality
  • Goal-setting for win win
  • Problem solving: goal-seeking process selection
  • Health, psychological and physical
  • Happiness, resilience
  • Hyperlearning
  • Trajectory of life control

Since human nature is invariant, when large organizations become dysfunctional, everyone gets anxious and fearful for their security. They do not understand the mechanisms of action that cause organizational dysfunction (OD) and they imagine all sorts of reasons for this unnecessary and counterproductive behavior. Those people are in for a treat on this website. They will find that when they gain a correct understanding of why organizations go dysfunctional, their angst about OD will disappear. Their mental and physical health will improve.

The yellow brick road to relief starts here.

The platform

The paramount activity in Homo life is making prudent choices, a thinking methodology executed by an amalgam of conscious and subconscious mind efforts. It is the only legitimate definition of human intelligence itself: appropriate selection, by Ross Ashby in 1946. That’s why Prudency has long been declared to be the mother of all human virtues. Prudency is the prevention of making bad choices about the arriving future. One bad choice can swallow up many good choices.

Everyone makes choices of many kinds all day everyday. It is the most important and distinctive functionality of our Homo sapiens species. It is your free choice to use your conscious mental faculties or not. What else could history be about but choices made and executed? This website is about the mental process of making successful choices – proactive thinking. We are our choices.

A measure of choice making importance is the attention given to this psychological activity by the Establishment. For this measure, internet search statistics will serve just fine. You will find that the enormous quantity of relevant knowledge made available to the public about choice-making is garbage. As mentioned above, you were socialized to not make choices (think) for yourself, but to obey the choices authoritarians have made for you instead, like your peers also living in nobrainer mode.

This website covers what you need to know regarding prudent choice making and why. The benefits of having this basic knowledge to act on are many and large. Silence breaking on the awesome truth of choice-making, concealed by the Establishment, is our gift to you that keeps on giving. Your free choice.

Social behavior is the product of entangled subconscious minds, nothing more.
The prime mover

This “page” announces one of the greatest innovations in the recorded history of mankind. Called Plan B by the MitMs that created it. Plan B is an ideology, an algorithm of intelligent choice, goal-setting, decision, action, and choose again better, a methodology and mindset of high-stakes problem solving (choice-making) that has become essential to the survival of our “civilized” species, now fading in progressive-degeneration mode.

For the serious challenges human society faces today, most of them self-inflicted by Plan A, business as usual, it has no rivals. We will always be our choices. Forget predestination.

The MitM-powered Plan B ideological system was deliberately created and developed to solve large, complex, intractable, unprecedented problems that no other level in society can manage. Many problems are created by using a defective thinking process to make choices. As any Plan B veteran will tell you, having this choice-making competency and the standard of care for prudent thinking changes your life trajectory for the very much better. Failure to acquire and advance choice-making skills guarantees the downward trajectory you witness today, common to all governments, organizations, and collectives. It’s making a collective choice to fail. As you will see, this tragic trajectory and miserable outcome is and has been totally unnecessary.

National cooperation is more dependent on our social heritage than group cooperation. In a group, men think and feel about direct sensations and memories of their fellows; in a nation, they must think and feel about some entity of the mind. At present we generally leave the formation of the mental “panoramas” which represent our nation for each of us, to chance, or to the scheming of professional manipulators of motive. We should try to make the formation of a trustworthy idea of our nation into a conscious process. Our idea when it is formed should remind us of the facts of the human type, of the differences between individual human beings, and of the quantitative relation between the grades and kinds of difference. Such an idea will help us to realize that a modern industrial nation is not likely to be permanently coherent unless habit is based on contentment; and unless contentment is made possible by an approximation to social equality, by a clearer understanding of economic facts, and by a greater liking in each of us for his work. Graham Wallas 1920

Plan B as the standard of care of “thinking”

As the frame of reference for effective organizational operations, Plan B is loaded with benefits for you, your groups, society at large, and our planet. Some of the rewards of making prudent choices you would rightfully expect, and some you wouldn’t. We were to learn that you can’t even scope all the cascading consequences of Plan A business-as-usual until you have Plan B in service. The A-B comparison spotlights that Plan A is a hotbed for corruption and its menace to prosperity spreads out on autopilot to fill most of the organization. Corruption is a social system phenomenon and a psychological phenomenon. Plan B automatically removes corruption when it transposes the dysfunctional, lose lose Plan A social system to a Plan B winner with no losers at all.

Overview of Plan B benefits

To society: Sustained and demonstrable

  • Productivity
    • Trust-based transactions
    • Safety
    • Quality
  • Prudence
  • Hyper-learning
  • Resilience
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Positive reciprocity
  • Competitive advantage
  • Transparent
Plan B in action. Barn up in one day. They have to be back home at chore time. See any way to sabotage their operation and get away with it?

To personal benefit: Sustained and demonstrable

  • Self confidence in choice-making, problem-solving intelligence
    • Rationality, objectivity, prudency
    • Workmanship, creativity
    • Self sufficiency
    • Entropy extraction skills
    • Security
    • A square deal
  • Trustworthiness and prudence recognized
  • Resilience to disturbances
  • Health
    • Psychological
    • Physical
  • Immune to fear mongering
  • Social performance rewards with with social power
    • Dignity
    • Go-to man

Plan B teaches how to smarten-up the dreary process of elimination (POE), the only methodology that works for solving intractable problems. What worked for Sherlock, works for you. Yes, the improved POE is still a PITA.

To species benefit: Sustained and demonstrable

  • Preemption of major disturbances, resilience to unforeseeable arriving calamity


Derivations and details on these extraordinary benefits of choice-making proficiency to Homo life are found all over this website. Its purpose is to provide the analytical validation of Plan B. Auditing live implementations of Plan B provides the operational validation, definitive proof of concept and viability.

A problem never exists in isolation; it is surrounded by other problems in space and time. The more the context of a problem can be comprehended, the greater the chances of finding a truly adequate solution. Russel L. Ackoff 1998

While we prefer to let our many innovations and patents speak to society for themselves, in this case the innovation in social intelligence is so extraordinary in scope and significance that humankind cannot get its mind around it. It is one nasty riddle that, so far, has been unsolvable. Its solution is awe inspiring.

What we can do is break silence about the extraordinary innovation that is Plan B, derive it from natural laws, validate it with auditable implementations, and leave you to decide for yourself what you are to do about it, if anything. Driven to fuss about the attainment of Plan B, by developing this website, we are insistent about visiting on-site examples of Plan B to assess our life’s handiwork. It’s an awe-inspiring occasion.

Refusing to audit the innovation in situ neither degrades Plan B credibility nor reduces its value. For us, it reveals everything we need to know about the refusers. In social system affairs there are no level playing fields. In this universe status quo is impossible. The trick is to get ahead of the arriving future and prepare for it on a continuous basis. For that, you’ll have to think! And think better.

How can you get your mind around an awesome innovation in human psychology, nothing material, that is so significant to our species, your social systems, and your way of life all at the same time? Your socialization and your governance has banned your curiosity, your inalienable rights, effective adult learning, and advancing your mental skills in solving critical problems. Who can get their mind around an innovation in method ideology that can assure species survival? How could an invention of this scope and scale be duly appreciated by people socialized to depend on clueless authorities to tell them what to think and do? Well, they can’t and we’ve gotten over it.

This website makes the analytical case while live Plan B implementations make the performance case – and settles the matter. Since no more can be done to migrate any innovation, if the mind of the auditor can’t deal with the awesomeness, it’s over.

Once we had developed and implemented Plan B, which has to be generic and self-sustaining to work at all, it became our moral obligation to reach out to the men in the middle, the Homo ecosystem keystones, our peers, the only viable access port to the ideology of the hierarchy there is. Our opening statement to the MitM/keystones  – “You never had an offer this important and valuable to your life in your life.”

The fact is that history, like life, is complex, contradictory, and ambiguous. There are few genuine heroes or villains in real life, merely people who are sometimes heroic , sometimes villainous, but most of the time simply human. Robert Utley 2005

To simplify and put things in perspective, the wide spectrum of choice-making world was reduced to the narrow band covered by the Plan B innovation. Our undiscussable achievement encompasses the science, engineering, and art of solving the kinds of material real-world problems that mankind can neither avoid nor fix. We sorted this universe into three categories, as follows:

  • Cat 1: routine everyday problems that mankind solves on autopilot. Examples of Cat 1 include finding your way home and putting away the groceries. For Cat 1 the brain is fully on subconscious automatic. It’s a nobrainer strategy, choice making on intuition, that eventually gets the job done. The number of Cat 1 problems faced daily on the planet number in the many billions, mostly solved by habit.
  • Cat 2: non-routine complex system problems that have successful precedents available for use as project reference. There are live implementations to examine and evaluate and veterans to interview. By reverse engineering and emulating the proven method to solve the Cat 2 you face, you can skip the investigative stages of problem solving and straightaway implement a version of the technical solution. Examples of Cat 2 problems include most infrastructure projects, electrical power generating plants, restoring failed ecosystems, barn-raising, healthcare, and the USA energy fiasco. For Cat 2, your brain has to be on conscious-mind mode, at considerable cognitive effort. But with the trail to success blazed, there is no risk of failure. The number of Cat 2 problems faced every day on the planet number in the low millions. People in Cat 2 mode are always looking side to side to emulate their associates on the project, making most Cat 2 problem challenges nobrainers.
  • Cat 3: non-routine complex system problems that have no precedents of success to use for goal-setting benchmarks or for  project navigation. All you have to work with are the wreckage of failed attempts. You can tell from inspecting the scrap heaps all over the world, the failures were never even close. Since there can be no losers in Plan B, Cat 3 problems can only be solved collectively by collective social intelligence in collaboration. All Cat 3s are sociotechnical system problems, high stakes, where reductionism is the enemy. Plan B world is a world our Stone Age ancestors didn’t have to face. The number of Cat 3 problems faced every day on the planet number in the thousands.

Most lingering, festering unsolved problems that perplex and menace society today are Cat 3, all sociotechnical in nature. The Establishment capitalizes on the worsening Cat 3 problems it caused to spook the population into a baitball for authoritative control by Establishment lackeys who don’t even know there is a prudent thinking process. Examples of Cat 3 problems, besides fixing organizational dysfunction, include developing benevolent governance, eliminating war, poverty, and blurring class distinctions so that Homo societies can flourish rather than languish. You cannot have strong class distinctions of entitlement and flourish at the same time.

This website is about intelligent, prudent, choice-making in general and Cat 3 problem solving in particular.  To different degrees, all nations host the same Cat 3 problems. That’s an important clue to the fix.

The importance of the Cat 3 problem to humanity is much greater than that of a Cat 2 problem because, with the social system in use, Cat 3s simply don’t get solved. If our sophisticated species goes extinct, it will be because it didn’t solve a solvable Cat 3 problem, like organizational dysfunction (OD), it couldn’t avoid. We are our choices and our lives are regulated by how appropriate and effective our choices turn out to be. We paddle in a vast ocean of choice making situations no matter which direction we paddle.


In a large manufacturing establishment the manager assured me only recently that more than half a million different acts have to be performed in order to complete the goods of that factory.” This may have been an exaggeration but I know of no industry where the operations are not in the hundreds of thousands. Robert Cooke 1924

Homo society doesn’t recognize their Cat 3 problems as sociotechnical system problems. It doesn’t even know that it created most of the Cat 3 problems it faces – it then finds it can’t solve. Defaulting to reductionism, a reflex that seals the fate of the matter, pegs its chances of attaining the Cat 3 goals it seeks at zero – and zero it gets. Recognizing that solving Cat 3 problems at the system level was instrumental in mankind’s future, if there was to be any Homo future, we persevered with the process of elimination (POE). Until 2013, there was no evidence that a sustainable fix for organizational dysfunction (OD) was even possible. Quite the contrary. Only luck could bail us out and it finally struck.

The 2013 breakthrough to Plan B makes Cat 3 problems solvable in two distinct phases, social barriers always come first before technical. Why? Because solving the social riddles cuts the technical difficulties in half by itself. Plan B is generic and it uses the Plan A organization as-is with 100% assurance of success before the start of the implementation process.

The awesome Plan B algorithm cannot fail. Because of the prudent thinking process used, which is foresight, the risk of failure is extracted before technical task action begins by building a workforce community of voluntary cooperation and collaboration, like the Amish barn-raisers. Lifting the deliberate withholding of efficiency in business as usual alone boosts productivity by 25% a saving that shows up directly in bottom-line profits, no waiting. Plan B is special in that regard. The savings by productivity increase and loss reduction are delivered directly to net profit, not to corporate income. No middlemen. No opportunity for corruption.

Since in one form or another, slave or master, choice-making is how humans allocate their efforts, you might think the knowledge library of the critically-essential activity of making choices would be well endowed, researched, complete, practical, useful, and prudent for solving problems – and kept up to date. The fact that what’s out there is crap and propaganda signals that the Establishment does not want you to be able to think prudently for yourself. The irony here is that the Establishment is incapable of prudent action even if it wanted to.

The authoritative system demanding one king gives way to a system of many kings – kings of the counter, kings of the lathe and loom-all kings, but only by virtue of superior knowledge. They know. But the reign of each is dependent upon the general acceptance of the individual’s right to decide on facts and conditions. Our progress, and even our security, seems to lie in having the vast majority of judgments rendered by the informed individual. John Locke 1705

We have invested several decades of our adult lives focused on the pursuit of a fix for organizational dysfunction (OD), a Cat 3 challenge. The high operational viscosity of Plan A confounds and undermines problem-solving activities in tall hierarchies, especially on the survival-critical problems. In our expeditions through the irrational social environment, we ran into problem-solving (P/S) concepts so durable and popular, we assumed the developed knowledge on them was objective and settled business that we could use as off-the-shelf building blocks.

When we started organizing the available choice-making concepts for our own work, we discovered the cupboard of well-packaged and useful knowledge on the concepts, developed by the disciplines and sciences on Cat 3 problem solving (P/S), was barren. Since what was in the literature was “garbage out,” one culprit had to be “garbage in.” These biases and irrationalities are GIGO factories and the perpetrators know it – “Just following orders.” This travesty committed by the Establishment on its own subjects is deliberate.


Some of the experience-proven P/S concepts in Plan B
  • Intelligence, intelligence augmentation
    • System think
    • Prudency, rationality, transparency
  • Productivity
    • Entropy extraction of the Second Law
  • Safety, loss reduction
  • No losers
  • Quality, the instinct of workmanship
  • Adult learning, hyper learning
  • Authentic outcome responsibility with autonomy
  • Positive reciprocity, beautiful social behavior
  • The platinum rule
  • The Front End
  • Justice, inalienable rights, the square deal
  • The antidote for corruption
  • Freedom from the Nash Equilibrium
  • Zero sum competition legitimacy

Popular P/S concepts discredited by Plan B experience and now demonstrable

  • Chain of command, leadership
  • The Big Picture Seat
  • Head shed infallibility
  • Loyalty = blind obedience
  • The universal, natural prudency of Plan A
  • The golden rule
  • Class-based inequality, losers, zero sum
  • Politicians as problem solvers
  • Reductionism
  • Drive management, authority to punish, create loser class
  • Reductionism
  • Rule-based behavior
  • Intuition-based choice-making
  • Persistence will overcome resistance
  • Undiscussables, opacity
  • Everybody is responsible
  • Safety and quality can be increased by training
  • There are only isolated cases of corruption
  • Distributed outcome responsibility disconnected from necessary autonomy


In our long journey to Plan B we noted a few overarching concepts that qualify corollary concepts as valid, or not. One example is prudency – touted by the ruling class as the mother of all human virtues nonstop for four thousand years. When our curiosity triumphed over our conformity, we wondered out loud if there was a common denominator intellectual activity basic to prudency, a platitude which is never described in actionable terms. So far, we have not been able to displace choice making/problem solving as this wet nurse to prudency. It’s not so much that people don’t know about problem solving mechanics, a daily activity, but, as Mark Twain observed, “What they do think they know ain’t so.”

Social behavior echoes behavior governed by quantum mechanics. Social behavior is a streaming integration of entangled minds, Einstein called entanglement “spooky action at a distance.” That parallel to quantum mechanics means you can fully understand social behavior in detail and learn nothing from that understanding about the individual behaviors. Everyone has experienced expressions of the entanglement. Corporate employees working alone in other countries far away from headquarters are as controlled by the organizational culture as if they were seated at their desk.

Because problem-solving skill, prudent choice-making, social intelligence, is so vital to Homo existence and fundamental to the well-lived life, the union of P/S with effective choice making gets the spotlight. You will find elaboration and discussion on these core concepts throughout this website. Prudent choice-making is key to secure, happy living. It is a practice the ruling classes cannot execute. Not even close.

One of the inherent features of P/S knowledge is demonstrability. Not only can Plan B concepts be demonstrated anywhere, anytime, with a little learning you can demonstrate them as well in your social environment. Your test bed is the operational reality itself. Demonstrating the truth about social intelligence gives you a clear lense for observing social behavior portrayed by the media about the Establishment. You will be able to make trustworthy projections and predictions about social behavior. Understanding the mechanisms of action of bad choice-making vents your angst by itself. Win win.

Observe what people do. Their purpose in acting as they do, their value system, exhibits in what they attain for their efforts. If a person doesn’t spend his day in solving the problems embedded in his arriving future, he is forfeiting his inalienable rights. Being skillful and experienced in identifying the important problems to solve and solving them is the pathway to the personal benefits of self-actualization and transcendence (Maslow). Every step from basic needs to transcendence is a problem-solving exercise that, like Sisyphus, you perform first thing every day. Configured like an onion, there are choices surrounding choices, surrounding choices. There is no such thing as a single cause / single consequence issue. Reductionism is fatal to system problems.

Problem-solving is a thinking exercise in making choices by Boolean algebra performed by your mental faculties. Everyone is making choices all day long. While the subconscious mind is a remarkably powerful computer running on binary information just like the mainframes, it has limits in the size and complexity of the algebraic equations it can process. That limit is, exactly, what separates Cat 3 problems from all others. When the human mind is overwhelmed with complexity and multiplicity, it doesn’t gracefully degrade. It stops dead in its tracks. You have experienced this abrupt collapse yourself.

It’s self-evident that solving high-stakes problems requires applied intelligence, defined by Ross Ashby as “appropriate selection” and that prudent choice-making is a mind-controlled process. This narrows things Cat 3 down to the limitations of the human mind on processing large quantities of Boolean algebra. Note that supercomputers, which also work by processing binary data, were invented to solve problems that were important and beyond human computing power even in large numbers of collaborating minds. Also note that all Boolean algebra is based upon reverse engineering successful problem-solving examples. When Claude Shannon connected Boole’s mathematics to communications theory for AT&T, he was reverse engineering what had been worked out with live telephone operators and hard wired switchboards. It is critical to realize that Cat 3 problems require a proven solution to be reverse engineered before the Boolean logic can be laid out for routine data processing. Think about that requisite a lot before you proceed.

The daily checklist of task actions. No carryovers from yesterday.

This Plan B innovation in shaping human social behavior to species benefit, a psychological phenomenon, is nothing like the hands-on material innovations of agriculture, bronze, iron, and the wheel that defined the “ages” of advancing human civilization.

Like other animals, man is an agent that acts in response to stimuli afforded by the environment in which he lives. Like other species, he is a creature of habit and propensities. But in a higher degree than other species, man mentally digests the content of the habits under whose guidance he acts, and appreciates the trend of these habits and propensities. He is in an eminent sense an intelligent agent. By selective necessity he is endowed with a proclivity for purposeful action. He is possessed of a discriminating sense of purpose, by force of which all futility of life or of action is distasteful to him. Thorstein Veblen 1898

This extraordinary innovation in social functioning tunes the psychological mechanisms that comprise social behavior, cooperation and collaboration. Unlike the cotton gin and sewing machine, where you can see how things work and make physical repairs, matters of entangled subconscious minds are strictly Black Box (BB) affairs. While you can vary inputs and observe outputs from the BB, what goes on inside the BB that processes inputs into outputs is eternally unknowable. In fact your subconscious mind process computer itself that does the work is physically reconfigured and reprogrammed every night during subconscious mind maintenance. Note the parallel to self-learning AI programs.

The defense of choice that humanity uses when denying the reality that Plan B exists, is to go catatonic. Some go akinetic catatonic and some go malignant catatonic, and some go nonplussed. While the workforce does not go catatonic about Plan B, it is highly skeptical until the keystones put Plan B into action. Their home life improves. They soon become fans. When positive reciprocity kicks in for them as a result of their efforts, they’re hooked.

For many reasons expressed throughout this website, few MitMs today are aware of the social power that comes with their role in organizational operations. In a hierarchical social system, the MitM tier is the only one that has the responsibility and the freedom to design and assign workforce action as it sees fit. They control the organizational revenue crew. The upper tiers are captives of the perpetually ill-informed chain of command and fused to a life of irrational choices about opinions, not realities. The tier of members that reports to the MitMs (80% of the total collective roster) is entirely dependent on the MitMs to specify their task actions. Every adult has worked for a foreman, even emperors.

We work on the fiction that an instruction once issued is carried out to the letter. As a matter of fact most instructions, especially in the higher and therefore more important reaches of industry, are only imperfectly understood. Then again each worker in the last analysis executes only that part of what he understands to be his instructions, which he feels to be essential. Occasionally he does something because he is afraid not to do it. Now if you make a practise of never issuing orders as such it puts it up to you to keep your man convinced. The result is, your associates in practise actually carry out what has become their own purpose as well as yours. You undoubtedly lose here and there, especially in the matter of military precision. But your gains are infinitely greater than your losses. Adam Smith 1778

Solutions of sociotechnical Cat 3 problems, always system problems, necessarily solve two kinds of complexity. The psychosocial kind that has to be confronted first, removes the social system behavioral obstacles, trimming Cat 3 problems down to solvable technical problems. The technical system, now rendered solvable by caging the menace, can be addressed with confidence. Solving the riddle of social system dysfunction is a very different matter and skill than engineering the technical system that will attain the specified project goal.

Experience has made it clear that if Plan B was ever going to reach its rightful place in serving mankind, loud silence breaking was a necessary factor in migrating the sociotechnology. As mentioned before, there are two separate routes to validation, analytical and baptismal immersion.

Yet 99% of all human action is reflex-driven. Go figure.

Notice how you felt about the in situ audit of Plan B?

You were quietly flowing along with the narrative of this page until you hit the bit about auditioning a live Plan B implementation, which can only be done on site. At that point your reflexes took over because your subconscious mind had no ready excuse for its already-made decision to not follow up. Your reflex response hit a wall and your conscious mind noticed the collision. Congratulations! You just ran your first test of the Plan B impact on yourself. You couldn’t refuse Plan B without suffering a consciously-noticed twitch you had no power to prevent.

The fleeting event you experienced signals that your subconscious mind considers the 2013 innovation, if true, to be a monster threat to your social status quo. It is. Determining that change is too big of a risk to take, the subconscious-mind reflex automatically tries to conjure up a plausible excuse for not following up. When it fails to locate one in its repertoire, it freezes the reflex program. The fact that the innovation of Plan B induces catatonia to the reality-denier has nothing to do with merits of the innovation. The universal reflex has everything to do with invariant human nature. Because social status has no sway over the MitM, he can be realistic about getting better. As you well know, in our times you have to get better, and that takes prudent choice making, or you’ll be getting worse in nobrainer mode. OD cannot fix itself.

The Plan B Standard of Care

As MitMs, the MitM dilemma with organizational dysfunction (OD) was the central focus of our life’s work. When Cat 3 OD was solved and validated in 2013, it brought the revelation of new barriers which announced themselves by ambush after Plan B was secure.

One of the riddles that surfaced involved the reason we succeeded when billions of Homo Sapiens before us failed. In case you hadn’t noticed, multitudes of cat 3 issues around the globe are expanding as attempts to defuse them fail. Addressing this conundrum took us to the realm of “thinking process.” Ashby’s incontrovertible definition of intelligence as “appropriate selection,” involves directed thinking.

Making choices that prove in application to be ontarget is the paramount expectation of our species. As you know, the record on social choice making is atrocious2. Since there is no lack of high IQ individuals, the question arose, why weren’t these wise, sophisticated men able to make prudent choices on Cat 3 problems? What was the distinguishable difference between our spectacular success and the unbroken parade of failures, that enabled us to solve Cat 3 problems?

The answer to this puzzle was eventually found in the thought process of making appropriate choices – the beating heart of Cat 3 problem solving. When we consumed the library of books on the art and science of “thinking” and its dependency on creativity, we were able to compare what it took us to attain Plan B with what the available literature has to say about “thinking” for the allocation of efforts. The research showed that human society never developed a standard of care (SoC) for “appropriate selection.” What is there is a mountain of detritus from reductionism. OD as a social system problem is never mentioned. It is the Nash Equilibrium, a theory of choosing, that makes a sham out of reductionism.

In retrospect, we had to develop and validate a standard of care for high-stakes choice making to attain Plan B in the first place. The reason why Plan B is generic is because the process for making prudent choices has to be generic to be a standard.

While Plan B is the application of the SoC for fixing OD specifically for the MitM keystones, the standard itself is a boon for everyone. You can use the standard of care as a reference to evaluate your own process for making high-stakes choices. The differences you find are your guide for identifying and correcting shortcomings. Included elsewhere on this website is a list of factors in Cat 3 problem solving associated with natural law that, any one of them deficient, by itself, prevents goal attainment. Since when did nature ever accommodate someone for attempting to defy her laws?

Because smart-phone civilization has overwhelmed our obsolete, Stone Age genome, development of the choice-making standard is our ultimate gift to humanity. It makes the difference between indefinite survival of our species and certain extinction. While the standard of care is overkill for Cat 1 and Cat 2 problems, it can never be wrong. This website is loaded with details and specifics of the Plan B standard. When you got it right, transparency is win win. Prudent choice making is a source of pride and dignity. It opens the door to enjoying your inalienable rights.

Everyone thinks the Plan B ideology must be controvertible, but none know where to begin to refute its brazzen claim of incontrovertibility. Everyone thinks that refusing to visit a Plan B implementation proves that Plan B must be bogus. Why else would anyone leave all those benefits on the table? These two responses to the demonstrable fact that Plan B exists, explains why Plan A is self-destruction of modern society, a fact everyone has in their face every day. You can validate this condition for yourself without even knowing the details of Plan B, just by using the concept of Plan B – on anyone.

To continue

This opening page of the m-i-t-m website is the first page in the first column of pages on the left, called a gallery, covering the central process of effective Cat 3 problem solving. In order:

  • Prudent choice making
    • Role of the subconscious mind
    • The best available thinking process
      • MOASB (Mother of all social bombs)
  • The social system
  • The technical system
  • An ongoing example in Ukraine


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