Developing a Contemporary, Effective Social System Ideology

Anyone in reality-denial cannot be “saved” by truth or by fiction. Since feeding truth to reality deniers is taken as a hostile act, it just speeds up the disintegration process. Clinically, it is impossible for anyone in reality denial to be assisted out of their self-imposed, psychological “black hole.” We confine ourselves to the evidence. We have no duty to persuade the unpersuadable to take positive action for their own good.

When we inaugurated this website in 2018, our paramount purpose was to help restore the health of the workforce front line leader (FLL), the man-in-the-middle suffering under the tyranny of organizational dysfunction and unwarranted abuse. That goal remains number one. A huge ongoing example of this need is the abrupt deterioration of public health caused by the Establishment regarding COVID, a travesty unleashed on its own citizens. It only took one year for your government, with your consent, to lower life expectancy in the USA by two years. In the twentieth century it took decades to increase life expectancy by two years. Further:

  1. The plague of organizational dysfunction has spread in scope and severity.
  2. The debilitating health issue of the MitM has spread further into the general public.
  3. An important portion of the fix for the MitM has proven to be effective for improving the health for people in general. Psychological stress relief has many benefits for physical health.

Improving workforce health requires first elevating the health of the front line leader (FLL), aka the man-in-the-middle (MitM). We knew from experience with this remarkable slice of hierarchical society that the keystones would assimilate the essential sociotechnical knowledge, regain their health, and convey the Plan B ideology of flourishing to their revenue crew. MitMs are the only people in the hierarchy that have no social status to lose. Like it or not, they are the keystones,  instrumental to a goal-attaining social ecosystem by virtue of their role. If they weren’t caught in the middle, they would be too concerned about losing social status to do what it takes.

The COVID-fueled freefall of the USA in 2021, from flourishing to languishing, from healthy to unhealthy, has greatly increased public anxiety and insecurity. The new administration in DC taking power in 2021, is hitting home on everyone. Health statistics settle any questions about the harm done by government to their voters and their children. The 3D corrupt government running things today is unable to fix itself because high authority anywhere has never been able to fix itself. As experience keeps proving, a flourishing society can be killed in one stroke by aggression (+ +), fast acting. Building a flourishing society requires several intelligently-made changes in concert that are far more time-consuming to arrange. Benevolence (+ -) is slow. It takes time to build.  As you know, trust can be demolished in a second.

The psychological and physical health of the general population is adversely affected by the chronic anxiety and insecurity intentionally infused by a fearmongering Establishment. Creating fear in their citizens, as the COVID scenario examples, is how governments can continue to afford to engage in corruption. Seeing health restored to participants in Plan B is the peak experience of our lives, Maslow’s ‘transcendence.’

Announcing what has been achieved

Since the advent of Plan B in 2013, we claim the capability to take a hierarchical social system languishing in dysfunction and transpose it, as-is, into a flourishing, self-sustaining, futureproof collective. Running implementations are open for examination and evaluation.


In the flourishing state, you:

  1. Have energy, mental fitness
  2. Are connected to the meaning of life, instincts, relationships, and your life goals
  3. Have concern for a healthy environment
  4. Are addicted to positive reciprocity
  5. Have confidence in handling setbacks and disturbances, whenever, whatever, resilient, futureproof


The fix for the languishing collective, first implemented in 2013, is available for anyone open to learning and change for the better. Everything in this languishing/flourishing domain of existence is psychological. The great damage to population wellbeing being caused by corrupt authoritarianism is due to deliberate ignorance about the mechanisms of social action, business as usual coupled with an ingrained aversion to exerting cognitive effort that was infused by social conditioning.

For those who wish to improve their lot in these precarious times, the website is a bonanza. For others, busy competing with each other over a limited supply of entitlements, a rut, a zero sum game run by non-producers, no hope can be offered.

The most significant housekeeping challenge to the flourishing life is understanding and supporting its essential functionalities. We have stumbled over several fundamental knowledge areas the Establishment deliberately keeps incomplete and incoherent. For instance, the official definitions of keywords, like safety, trust, wellbeing, and intelligence, are inconsistent and unworkable in the operational reality. Today, the corruption is so extensive even the constitution is defied with impunity.

Everything in the realm of social behavior is psychological. Everything. There’s nothing tangible, there’s nothing to buy. As dedicated professional engineers, our viewpoint on social behavior leans towards the laws of the universe, mathematical physics, a condition of our licenses. What are engineers doing in the guarded cul-de-sacs of psychology and sociology? We started asking ourselves that question fifty years ago. The answer came in 2013 when Plan B was first engineered into existence. Flourishing societies are happy, productive societies, win win, no losers. They are stress-free and fun to be with.

Social Intelligence and the Man In The Middle

Our workshop of applied social-intelligence (FLLP) develops and leverages social dynamics to win-win benefit to your health and that of your social systems as well. First, understand the social machinery that drives progressive degradation of a dysfunctional global society. Then, learn about the field-proven fix for you to use as benchmark for what can be done for your own wellbeing, key to forming and sustaining a prosperous social system. For navigating to a better future, knowledge of the best attainable future is far superior to languishing on business as usual, letting it hammer away on your personal sense of worth. Then, engage the process of going from A to B.

There are no prerequisites for restoring your own psychological health. No permissions are required. Social intelligence resides in the individual, certainly not the government.

The ‘Man In The Middle’ of a social system is defined as a” producer,” flogged by the upper hierarchy as standard upper-class practice regarding differentiating the producing classes. Should the MitM deliver higher performance than the authorities consider standard for his instrumental role, the product of his intelligent choices in using his efforts to produce, the entitled authoritarians correctly regard him as a threat to their social status as vested, omnipotent, entitled infallibles.

The first definition of social intelligence, by Edward Thorndike (1920), was “The ability to understand and allow men and women to act wisely in human relations.” Equivalent to interpersonal intelligence, it is an aggregated measure of self and social awareness, evolved social beliefs and attitudes, and a capacity to engineer social change with prudence. Social intelligence reflects the ability of individuals to synthesize information about group norms, the viewpoints of others and their own perceptions of themselves as group members. It is using deep knowledge of social dynamics for mutually beneficial purposes. 

How did real-world social intelligence become such a bonanza? The reason is that current “culture” comes from our exact-replica genome of the Stone Age version encountering the dramatically-different operational context of today’s Anthropocene. Obviously counterproductive to health and welfare, it is lose-lose to producers and consumers alike. Anyone who thinks otherwise, has not been paying attention to the raging dysfunctions of a global society out of synch with its environment – clinging to an obsolete population control strategy, called Plan A, that never did work. Accordingly, when someone who does have social intelligence enters the scene, what he brings to the sordid affair is indistinguishable from magic. You will be supplied with various ways to falsify this assertion for yourself, the first step in proceeding.

Social Behavior and Your Way of Life

Ingest, apply, and enjoy the benefits of this extraordinarily-valuable knowledge about the social dynamics of flourishing collectives. Since the principles have to be generic, you can learn how to leverage social intelligence to large and lasting personal advantage to your way of life in whatever is your operational reality. As its “secrets” were mined where no man had gone before, far above the politically-correct level of discourse, you will find large windfall benefits streaming to you and your social systems. Best of all, you get to enjoy its largess every day. Only when you have earned positive social power can you unfailingly predict the future – because you are shaping it. DIY flourishing is the only way to live. If you want a healthy, happy workforce, there is no alternative to bringing it up to the flourishing level. To calm your instinct of fairness, it must be a square deal. There can be no losers.

When the man-in-the-middle (MitM) breakthrough, to deliberately and unfailingly engineer and deliver a flourishing social system finally came in 2013, after 45 years of failures, we reckoned the body of knowledge developed to backstop the success, called Plan B, had nothing to benefit anyone but MitMs. Eight years of  implementation experience with the paradigm that delivers, informed our minds otherwise. The field-proven knowledge herein, put to effect, can bring more health, security and prosperity to the personal and social life of any productive member of society. Social system flourishing can’t be operationalized without boosting the social intelligence of its keystone MitMs first. The workforce is an indicator species. If it’s not flourishing, the organization can’t be flourishing.

Once again, Everything about social behavior is entangled subconscious-mind-psychological. That means you already have all the equipment you’ll ever need to flourish. The catch? Reaching the streaming benefit packages of a flourishing collective involves protracted, conscious-mind cognitive effort. While deliberate thinking is natural enough, it does not function effort-free like the auto-pilot, subconscious-mind supercomputer sitting between your ears.

Starting right

As mentioned on preceding pages, the principle of the universe that rules this precise moment is the Law of Optimality. Tethered to the law of optimal control, it instructs that if you don’t start your goal-seeking “right” at the beginning, you create new obstacles for yourself that will eventually defeat your enterprise. Preoccupied with crisis management, you will run out of time and resources before the problem gets solved, Hofstadter’s Law. You are your choices, either languishing or flourishing, even if you’re clueless as to how your powerhouse subconscious mind makes them for you.

Our painful experiences colliding with the optimality law formed our operating mantra:

Keep it in ‘park’ for a bit more. You have to do something else first. Once you have missed the first button hole, you’ll never manage to button up.

Every adult enters this arena of social intercourse as psychologically-damaged goods, neurotic or worse. You were enculturated with false mental models of reality (M2R) that now thwart your journey to a much better way of life for these times of change – because your government does not want you to understand. You were socially conditioned to disregard your senses, don’t think for yourself, obey authority. This socially-infused belief system, business as usual, holds that good old faithful Plan A, running on entangled subconscious minds is all there is – all that can be. Don’t bother looking for a more appropriate paradigm of social living for today because only Plan A can exist. Even science fiction writers can’t imagine a social system other than hierarchical Plan A. For proof, look at all the failed “utopias.” When humans created socio-economic status, their elected potentates created a way of using fear to subordinate others like nothing ever before seen in primate hierarchies.

The physiology of fear

When the government, Establishment, or ruling class is preoccupied in fearmongering, it is publicizing its feelings of insecurity and threat to its infallibility. You can safely assume it is contrived propaganda. Fearmongering is a prelude to forcibly removing your inalienable rights, your bill of rights, constitutional rights, and for that to happen you must first be herded into a baitball. While whales and dolphins use bubbles, governments use propaganda to neutralize variety in the behavior of their individual subjects. It’s the prelude to engulf and devour.

The trademark policy of Plan A despots is to develop and exploit fear in the masses as a basic means to overpower inherent variety (Ashby’s Law).  Fear mongering is aimed to coerce you to choose “identity” over prudent living. You can see the process and the social bait-balls in their precarious conditions in today’s news. Not being futureproof resilient carries a large, streaming health penalty. It makes you vulnerable in a corrupt society and corrupt societies cover the globe.

Gathering the variety of individuals into a baitball for erasing variety.

Fear enters your being by hijacking cells in your sensory systems that have access to your brain, it burrows through millions of networked neurons to the subconscious mind, which also controls the autonomic nervous system and the bodily functions of respiration, heart rate, and digestion. Through this portal, protracted fear wreaks havoc with your health, psychological and physical, through your subconscious-mind-controlled endocrine system. Governments and their media combine to herd their constituents into submission through fear.

Victims of induced fear feel the effects before they can recognize them: shortness of breath, a rapid heartbeat, blood sugar rush, and muscle contractions that mimic a punch to the gut. This constellation of symptoms is known as the stress response and it is one expression of our invariant human nature, Stone Age model.

As the Establishment knows, fear mongering works because fear is especially contagious, often the root of mass hysteria outbreaks. A quarter of the people seeing a person in distress who is experiencing a spike in cortisol, also exhibit a spike in cortisol. We emphasize with others by mirroring our body reaction to that of others. Entangled commiseration fans the flames of misery. Social media has turned fear-mongering of the population into a cost-effective science for hijacking minds, making Silicon Valley rich in the process. The overworked stress response in Plan A society is commonplace.

Because fear is a response to aggression, it grabs hold instantly. Control theory, a natural law, shows that benevolence is many times slower in taking effect than that of aggression. While converting benevolence plus action into trust can take weeks, an act of betrayal demolishes trust in less than a centisecond. At one time or another everyone has been betrayed and zoomed through the same lightning-fast emotional reactions. This reflex is the handiwork of your Stone-Age genome and it triggers negative reciprocity.

Your life trajectory attests to the impediments and tribulations posed by Plan A, business as usual. Now that Plan B exists, you can experience seasoned Plan Bs for yourself, validating that it delivers extraordinary positive outcomes. You can engage and evaluate a flourishing social system first hand. Then, you can freely choose to benchmark your choice-making on Plan B principles rather than continue serving the fear-mongering menace of Plan A authoritarianism. The operating policy of Plan A leads to a languishing organization, not because of personalities but because it attempts to defy natural law.  Because it is futureproof, Plan B can be immortal.

The purpose of this website is not to splint and bandage the ugly consequences of organizational dysfunction (OD) one by one. It is to inform you that a Plan B flourishing way of life exists and a path to get there is known. Like all social systems, it is an ecological system. Plan B people, all formerly Plan A people, are in another dimension of reality, not separate from Nature, enjoying a happier, healthier way of getting along and being productive towards worthwhile common goals. Plan B is a generic, a priori paradigm of social functioning, a system fix for Plan A which dependably generates a healthy, happy social state for everyone attainable by anyone.

In the name of the best within you, do not sacrifice to those who are its worst. In the name of the values that keep you alive, do not let your vision of man be distorted by the ugly, the cowardly, the mindless in those who have never achieved his title. Do not lose your knowledge that man’s proper estate is an upright posture, an intransigent mind and a step that travels unlimited roads. Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it’s yours.

To win this happy life requires your total dedication and a total break with the world of your past, burdened with the doctrine that man is a sacrificial animal who exists for the pleasure of others. Fight for the value of your person. Fight for the virtue of your pride. Fight for the essence of that which is man: for his sovereign rational mind. Fight with the radiant certainty and the absolute rectitude of knowing that yours is the Morality of Life and that yours is the battle for any achievement, any value, any grandeur, any goodness, any joy that has ever existed on this earth. John Galt 1952

There are three stages

  1. Health, psychological and physical
  2. Getting your act together, GYAT
    1. Getting rid of your false assumptions
  3. The grand prize of Plan B


The first benefit package, which reverses the precarious way of life through understanding the prime movers, is easy to reach. The grand prize, flourishing, is attainable only by the MitM keystone on behalf of himself. Through his continued efforts, psychologically-important benefits stream to his revenue crew reports. The continuing cascade of Plan B benefits, after full implementation, includes positive reciprocity, competitive advantage, and franchise – benefits unavailable to the Plan A organization.

Strategically, the Plan B ideology enables any society to address its problems and seek its opportunities in a prudent, stress-free manner. In doing so it becomes futureproof.

Navigation to the benefit packages

With only Plan A experience and languishing organizations to guide you, navigating to the system fix for Plan A dysfunction, namely Plan B, is impossible. You have no way to learn the root causes of the carnage and wreckage you observe and endure. You must have, as benchmark reference, what done looks like so you can know how to steer and then recognize when you have reached your destination. False notions of the scope of organizational dysfunction (OD) and what done looks like led us down blind alleys and into cul-de-sacs for 45 years straight. Our crowning life achievement is blazing the trail from Plan A to Plan B, sparing legions of producers like you the anguish of perpetual blind drift, searching for a goal that, as far as we ever knew, didn’t even have to exist.

Everything about overwriting the menace of languishing with the flourishing Plan B ideology is attainable, demonstrably attainable. Taking part will revise your notions about what is and what is not possible for you to achieve in your pursuit of happiness, an inalienable right. Using social intelligence is how you get and stay there.

Keystone species

The Man in the Middle (MitM) is keystone species of the ecosystem of hierarchical ecosystems that spice mankind’s society. He is the linchpin, gateway, and hero of organizational flourishing. He has the only “big picture seat” an organization can have. For social system benefit, our secondary goal, rendered attainable only by reaching the first, the achievement reflects his essential role in bringing anything positive into the organization. That’s right, it’s impossible for the upper hierarchy authoritarians to benefit the organization they lead. Authority (awarded) is a variable entirely separate and independent of positive social power (earned by performance). The head shed competes over authority, their social status.

The Keystone Man in the Middle 1902  was futureproof. Note under “Delivery” the airplane had not yet been invented

The keystone echelon, comprising about 8% of hierarchical society, as workmasters responsible for the fate of 88% of the organization’s population, occupies the catbird seat of collaborative productivity and competitive advantage. By performance as a savvy producer he acquires the social system power to do good things for his collective, things those vested with high authority by the opinion of others can only dream about. Foremen know, first hand, that granted authority based on opinions does not exchange with the currency of positive social power, which has to be earned by consistent performance over time in order to exist. No authority, no consumer, can be vested as the keystone of positive social change by opinion, by winning an election. The only social-behavior control tool available to the authorities is punishment. That’s not how flourishing organizations are constructed.

The floggings will continue until morale improves. 1765 CE, Voltaire

What’s with all the social system malfunction?

Global society, a massive, nested ecological system, is mired in dysfunction and its consequences simply because the human genome we were all born with installs propensities for social living in our subconscious mind that evolved over millions of years for the survival of our species in the hunter/gatherer Stone Age environment. The industrial age ushered in a class-differentiated social culture around the globe where these invariant Stone-Age genes, when allowed to predominate, bring about the downfall of civilizations. It is obvious from the historical record that whatever social behavioral control system was used to sustain the imperial dynasty – failed. It prospered and then collapsed in the first city humankind built 12K years ago in Turkey (Gobekli Tepe).

In short, the no-brainer way to live successfully in Stone Age society is a Hobson’s Choice that when applied to the operation of tall hierarchies, fails its Darwinian purpose. Rely on subconscious-mind intuition, auto-pilot, to make your task-action choices and the consequences of the bad choices that result will dominate your way of life. In languishing mode, unhealthy, you have no energy left to do what it takes to understand cause and effect, make good choices, be prudent, prosper.

Making good choices, a priori, takes significant and protracted cognitive effort – exactly what society discourages. The operating context of a mature Plan A organization is all white noise, nothing but an endless competition of conflicting opinions, every one of them incongruent with the operational reality.

You live in a precarious, languishing social environment, detrimental to your health. It is a functionally disintegrating society because of persistent attempts to defy two “Natures,” Natural laws and human Nature – neither of which can be defied. Since no species can thrive in a failing ecological system, fly by the seat of your pants in this fogbound madness and you will crash. Don’t expect natural selection to spare your offspring. Genome evolutionary adaptation rates, small and sporadic, are measured in millennia. These computer-driven-society days, civilizations change de facto culture in a few years. No relief from human species extinction there.

Between what you need to do to flourish today and what you actually choose to act on, poor choice-making fueled by false notions of cause and effect, is ubiquitous. We now know we can use our conscious minds, plus the cognitive effort and social intelligence it takes, to establish a way of social life engineered for today’s reality such that any organization can flourish. That is, Plan B is generic and resilient. It adapts to the vicissitudes of the operational reality that defines Plan B, not compliance to the fixed rules of infallibility and groupthink. Of course it applies to Stone Age collectives as well, but autopilot works well in that context too.

First operationalized and validated in 2013, the contrast between dysfunctional (nobrainer) languishing and prosperous functioning (effortful), having tons of supporting evidence, is breath-taking conspicuous. As mentioned above, orchestrating a flourishing social system can now be done using a generic process that is transparent and open for examination. You are cordially invited to visit live implementations of Plan B and evaluate this “miracle” of applied social intelligence first hand for yourself. The differences in social dynamics between unhealthy dysfunctional business as usual and a flourishing healthy Plan B operation are not subtle. Its positive reciprocity display is the most beautiful social behavior on planet earth.

Barn-raising day for the Amish is all Plan B.

The intellectual effort required to assure that our species thrives in the arriving future is substantially more than what the way of tribal life in the Stone Age required to be happily secure. It is nature’s joke on authoritarianism that the mental effort it takes to flourish is far less than the resources they will expend to deal with the consequences of their adherence to Plan A. Flourishing is 100% the handiwork of  your conscious mind. Languishing is 100% delivered by your subconscious mind. What you encounter in everyday life are social systems preoccupied with repairing damages they inflicted on themselves. Know a happy tall hierarchy? One?

The more you learn about the psychological factors of great causal significance to our species survival, the less encouragement you will receive from others. When you finally reach the mother lode of social intelligence, the holy grail of explicit understanding about social dynamics, about the root causes of the health and welfare crisis of humanity, you will only see the backs of fleeing men. W.L. Livingston (1986)


Lessons Learned

Our long quest to reverse organizational dysfunction, embarrassingly long, taught us a few things. You only have to learn them once. Their validity plays out in reality all day long.

  • To personalize a social transaction takes time and finesse. You have to know about the problem-solving performance record of the person. Break silence and see how he reacts. Then, you can set realistic expectations. When management kills curiosity, C/E knowledge and application skills as part of its depersonalization regimen, it forms a workforce baitball for it to engulf and devour in one stroke. Giving up on C/E means blending in to the herd, following its groupthink. That marks the end of any chance for trust-building, for meaningful cooperation, and for collaboration. The popularity of the baitball scenario attests to the invariance of human nature.
  • How can you trust someone short on C/E who is more interested in gaining social status by authority than competency in production? How can you gatekeep your subconscious mind imperatives without C/E knowledge? Depending on your intuition (subconscious) to make prudent choices is abdication of your responsibility to yourself and your social systems. The subconscious mind, because of its high speed of action, cannot distinguish right from wrong. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of your subconscious mind and you’ll put your intuition into a holding pattern. This website is loaded with information on your GIGO-biased subconscious mind.
  • Curiosity is essential to go from effects towards primary cause. As soon as you nail the primary cause you will find you overlooked some important effects. Goal-seeking entails having the specification of the effect you want and searching for causes you can apply to the system that will “make it so.” Plan on lots of system testing before you release your fix. Foresight takes protracted cognitive effort. Hindsight is a nobrainer.
  • The ladder of logic to happiness is straightforward. For millennia, prudency has been called the mother of all virtues. That is, don’t claim to have any virtue before you know how to be prudent. There can be no prudency without competence in cause and effect and foresightedness. Independence is the recognition of the fact that yours is the responsibility of prudence and nothing can help you escape it. There can be no C/E competency without curiosity about causation of the wreckage heap. Yes, it’s a lot of strenuous cognitive effort and husbandry demands are incessant.
  • Everyone on the planet is socially conditioned the same:
    • Obey authority (number five in the Ten Commandments, Exodus 20:12 NIV)
    • Curiosity killed the cat
    • Don’t rock the boat or change things
    • It doesn’t matter what you think/create, don’t think for yourself
    • Don’t discuss the undiscussables
    • Your life is to sacrifice for others

If the person you’re dealing with is short on C/E knowledge, Warfield’s Dictum steps in: “Don’t ask them to do what they can’t.”

Perpetrators of the scam on humanity

The only way to be certain about primary cause is through the tedious, thankless process of elimination. Once you reflect that Stone Age society had no central government, your attention will eventually be directed up the inferential staircase to the many tall hierarchies installed by the industrial revolution. When you identify with what is concealed, you can consider candidate beneficiaries, POSIWID.

The perpetrator of primary cause can’t be the producing classes, the workers. As you know, first hand, they suffer directly from the consequences of organizational dysfunction, OD. When you add in the fact that, no matter what, the difference in authorized wealth between the ruling class and the working class always increases over time, you approach the causal bullseye – the head shed of the tall hierarchy – the entitled class of conspicuous consumption. It has no need of C/E knowledge to keep constituents in fear, the driver of authoritarian entitlement.

To validate your conclusion, you observe what the authoritarians do as authorities and especially what they can’t do. What they can do is subordinate the working class by domination, abuse and threats of punishments. What they can’t do is bring prosperity to the organization they mistakenly believe they have the power to control. They are brimming with menace.

After a little reflection on these tidbits, you will arrive at your first Ho Lee Schmidt moment. It’s not you! It’s the entitled consumers! And, now your conscious mind knows what your subconscious mind has known all along.

Savor the occasion because, in going towards Plan B, you will experience many more refreshing moments of silence-breaking awareness, about 30 at last count, and they’re all on this website.

Half of the workforce is “quiet quitters,” up from 20% 2 years ago. Aware of that statistic, Secretary of labor Walsh reported that in the many trips he has recently taken around the country visiting CEOs, no one from any of the companies has brought the topic up as a concern. Oct. 2022

Your choice

Choosing compliance to social norms puts you on a slippery slope to oblivion with the others. It’s just like insects attracted by nectar crawling on a pitcher plant. Society wants you to take the path of least social resistance, follow your intuition. When you do, you’re on the path of progressive degeneration. A reinforcement cycle begins, you pass the point of no return, and into the black hole of eternity you go.

IBM’s Thomas J. Watson, Sr. advised his staff, a century ago: “Save the wear and tear on your mind. Just follow the rules.” Above his head on the wall, hung the ubiquitous IBM poster “Think!” It’s still there.

If saving wear and tear on your mind is on your mind, you will choose to go with the rules of groupthink. Soon you will realize that turning off your conscious mind marked the end of your “pursuit of happiness.” This cycle of mindless compliance is on display all day every day.

You don’t seek knowledge of C/E because you don’t need intelligence to receive whatever you want from the producing class. The price of entitled consumerism includes falling behind in learning how the world works and watching your problem-solving skills wither away. When you no longer produce, you become dependent on holding fast to your entitlements to consume production, based wholly upon the opinion of others, something far outside of your direct control. You are captive to Plan A.

When you commit to be a producer, you have direct control over your performance. The better you perform for yourself and society, the more social power you automatically accumulate to get positive things done collectively. This is also a self-reinforcing cycle.

You’re already on step one, gaining cognizance about the existence, scope and functionality of the blindspot, deliberately implanted by fear-mongering social media. Contemplate on what has been banned from your consciousness by society leadership through its control of your socialization and your angst pressure will drop by itself.

Validating the scope of this scam is ridiculously easy. Just break silence to another human and observe his reaction. Notice that he discusses the undiscussability of the topic before he says anything about the topic itself.

Obediently accommodating the undiscussables commits you to a languishing, unhealthy lifestyle. Having chosen to value “identity” over performance, the choice prevents you from knowing that you are fully equipped as-is to flourish. Producing the languishing state of social affairs in their subjects is an ancient goal of the ruling class, not a fluke of fate. You can interview veterans of the transposition process, of course. Their psychological success can be your success.

As mentioned earlier, you gain awareness by testing out the silence-breaking matter in your own world. Find evidence to falsify our claims (Popper). Quietly ask others about their curiosity and knowledge regarding cause and effect of, e.g., social unrest. Inspect the definitions of Cause/Effect in the main dictionaries.

It’s not you. It’s others, like Silicon Valley, who have learned how to take advantage of the blindspot and enslave your subconscious mind to its will. The Establishment’s entitled consumers use fear to continue getting supplied vital sustenance from the producers, even while they have hammered the producers’ self-image  down to an inferior class of humans, thoroughly depersonalized and impoverished. All it takes to depressurize your angst is awareness of the menace itself. Forewarned is forearmed.

When you become cognizant of the blindspot scam already in place and that it can’t change itself for the better, you will understand the cause of the progressive degeneration in society, front-page news. Without intelligent intervention, silence breaking, informed prudent choice-making, there is no hope.

When you become conversant with the contents and implications of this menace to happiness, individual blindspot by individual blindspot, having validated it for yourself by observation and testing, remind yourself that there is a fix. If not for the fix, the paramount menace to human society would have remained undetected.  When Plan B was in hand, theoretically and practically, we thought businessmen would flock to the flourishing organizations and see for themselves. After all, the number one, sure-fire rejection we encountered during our long careers in innovation was: “Come back to us when you’ve got it working in application.” At the time, we thought it was a logical stance.

Like you, we were taught that “show me” was the paramount deciding factor for head-shed buy in. We never suspected that “show me” was a deliberate lie even in Missouri, the “show me” state. Who wants to know their languishing condition is their own responsibility, the consequences of their ill-informed choices?

Since validating Plan B in 2013, we have personally offered in situ Plan B visits to 50,000 individuals. Not one accepted the “show me” invitation. You can use this same tactic to learn about your audience too. We’ll back up your bluff.

Once you appreciate the scope and sweep of the monster blindspot, you have a free choice to make that otherwise would not be available to you. It is the nature of languishing/flourishing phenomena that amalgams are impossible. Almost making it to flourishing, leaves you stuck at languishing. Alloys of flourishing and languishing are highly unstable and brief. You are free to choose one or the other. You need permission from no one.

Through silence-breaking, available nowhere else, you have been given an opportunity to make a free choice about the arc of your narrative, a choice between the languishing or the flourishing life. If you choose to remain tethered to business as usual, as many do, you are already there. Your efforts will continue to be consumed in dealing with the streaming consequences of unchecked authoritarianism. It’s the nobrainer path of least organizational resistance, automatically chosen by your subconscious mind.

If you commit to flourish, the website is a bonanza. You get to learn much more about Plan A and the attainable state of Plan B. Finally, the website details the generic process by which Plan A languishing is transposed to Plan B flourishing. Best of all, you have a standing invitation to examine and evaluate the generic process for yourself, on-site, cheek by jowl with the beneficiaries. It’s a hell of a life-changing experience.

As you climb up the cause/effect inferential staircase and increase your awareness of what’s going and why, you will notice your anxiety about organizational dysfunction abates. You are gaining control of your health and welfare. This depressurization releases otherwise tied-up internal energy and gives you options of allocating your efforts to more worthwhile pursuits. Restoring your curiosity is always the first move. It is a prelude to reenergizing your inalienable rights that the ruling class required you to forego as a condition of employment.


The hidden barriers to Plan B

Denial of reality is not the only way to social disintegration but it is the surest. On what basis do you trust a person in deliberate denial of reality? His credentials? His persona? There are hidden barriers ambushing Plan B social intelligence that are encountered only after you have attained Plan B. It does not migrate by itself.

Incontrovertible Proof DIY, works on any audience

  1. Introduce the existence of Plan B
  2. Review the B-A benefits
  3. Invite your audience to visit ongoing implementations of Plan B for their examination and evaluation. (No one will accept, guaranteed)
  4. Tell audience it just demonstrated to itself its preference for social status defense over exploiting knowledge.  Denial of reality leaves nothing to exploit.

The indifference of the man in the middle to his social status, which can go no lower, is the key to his effectiveness with engineering social system prosperity. Cause/effect reality is his forte as master to his apprentices, a hierarchical arrangement proven successful for millennia.



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