First priority: getting rid of unwarranted angst

The theme of this website, thoughtful choice-making, continues of this page. To get to plan B you must choose to regain your health, physical and psychological, and that can only be realized by high-stakes thinking. The energy you will stop wasting is necessary to power your hyperlearning to health. After all, your infection with angst is entirely psychological.

How Silicon Valley took control over your health

When you traded your inalienable right to life for the path of least organizational resistance, you triggered a cascade of events that took control over your way of life, and your health. You joined the irrational, unhealthy fear-based bait ball of society.

The mechanism of action you unwittingly authorized was to allow access and control of your subconscious mind to anyone and everyone who knew the entry code. The ability to control your task actions, by people you don’t even know, no less trust, was turned into settled science by Silicon Valley and the social media it operates that learned how to exploit the bait ball they helped form. Corrupt government partnered in the development of Impostorism from the first. Besides financing a corrupt Establishment, 3-D, the incredible wealth generated by Silicon Valley control of human subconscious minds speaks for its success.

In this well-organized conspiracy against your inalienable rights, all it takes for your antagonist armies to ruin your health is for your conscious mind to be complacent. Social media has become the most efficient and successful fear-monger, insecurity generator of all time. Over 90% of the news ingested by the population is especially crafted to induce fear. Know anyone who is not revolving in a brain-numbed bait ball?

You already know that organizational dysfunction (OD) is ubiquitous, global. The extreme level of anxiety characteristic of dysfunctional society, saturated on self-induced fear, is authoritarianism’s trademark grip on humanity. Fear mongering is species extinction from the inside, not a cataclysm of Nature from the outside. The fears themselves are confections of the mind with no rational basis in fact.

Just observe humanity in action. The generations of non-producers, clutching to their social media in a death grip, eagerly forming a bait ball, are willing targets for the hostile takeover of their choice-making subconscious by Authoritarians. Over time, as capability with reality fades away into opinion, the opportunity to flourish is lost.

This mechanism by which angst is infused to your subconscious mind is a streaming incongruency. It is a discrepancy between your actual experience  and your picture of yourself insofar as it represents that experience – one that doesn’t go away by itself over time.

It’s plain that the mechanisms of action employed by your despotic antagonists to ruin your health via angst must be severed and replaced with conscious-mind actions that keep them severed. It begins by stopping the ingestion of fear mongering, threat-based insecurity. The span of control of your efforts includes veto of subconscious mind imperatives.

The fix is not one-off, but a life-long commitment of your rational, reality-centered conscious mind thinking set to the task of triage. Plan B,  egalitarian, classless, makes it easy to identify the imposter syndrome. Your brain only hurts doing all this until you get addicted to its streaming benefits.

Understanding the truth about implanted anxiety is the primary task that leads to automatic angst blowdown, milestone one. Once you find out you are in control of your destiny, you’ll succeed.

The core requirements

For angst blowdown to occur, you don’t have to know everything about the MoAs of Plan A, but you must understand enough to learn that as a producer, you can refuse to join the bait ball. Your social status only depends on your performance as producer, effort which is under your exclusive, personal control.

For producers, angst is vented off by understanding the reality of their power:

  • The artificial fear-mongering for what it is
    • Refusing to join the bait ball
  • Your inalienable social power
  • Your inalienable, personal responsibility for prosperity
  • Your immunity to corruption and the imposter syndrome


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